Park, Open Space, Play-field

An Act to provide for the preservation and regulation of
parks, play-fields and open spaces in the 3[State of
Tamil Nadw.]
WHEREASit is expedient to provide for the prcscrvation
and regulation of parks, play-fields and open sp::ces in
the 3[S’iate of Tamil Nadu] ;
BE it enacted in the Tenth Year of the Republic of llzdia
as follows :-

  1. (1) This Act may be called the l[Tarnil Nadu]

Short 1i!le,

extent 2nd Parks, Play-fields and Open Spaces (Preservation and
comnlelzcP,’ Regulation) Act, 1959.
(2) It extends to the whole of the 3[State of Tamil
(3) It shall come into force at once-
(i) in the City of Madras ; and
[ii) in every munici;xility in the State.
_—— – ..- .—–I _-
1 These words were substituted for the word “Madras ” by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969
a For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Fort St. George
Gazette Extraordinary, dated the 20th ~eptembzr1958, Past IV-A,
page 452.
This Act was extended to the added territories by scction
3 cjf, and the First Schedule LO,the Tamil Nadu (Added Terri-
tories) Extension of Laws Act, 1.5 63 (Tarnil Nadu Act 8 Of 1964)
repealing the corresponding law ip forc2 in those territoiiss.
.. –
. -,.,—-
-.- – — —.- — – -. –
1 This expression was substituted for the expression “State of
Madras ” by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as
amendedby theTamil Nadu Adaptationof Laws(Second Amendment)
Order, 1969,
—%5—7 % –q—-. 3L.iy.. L1 . ., -?%&aLv 1959:T.N. Act 261 PG;;;s>Playlji~ld~iii.. !Oj,~.its/~~;~ccs393
(Pi” xc~:vjtiona:?:/ c;//,!!ioir.)
(4) The Sover:iment., may, from tiiile to time, b)
notification, cxtz:iti thc ,~;ilvisions of l!iic Aii ihr~srck
(late as may bc spl:cilieti i:~the notificllioi~to :!~y other
Iocal area in thc Si:ric, I may canccl or :j!o!liATy my
suck notification.

  1. In this Ac!. uidess iilc context oliiciti,Y.:ereyllires- — Dcfinjtio~s
    (a) “execliveauthority” me%:; if.,(-: Con~lnis- sioaer, Chairman, Pi-esidcnt, execulive (.,S::e:. o~ other functionary of lhc local au411ority conccind :.di!o is ~ested with geaeral c:cu:ivcIxwess under 2,::. oi’ Ihc Actc
    !Iienl-ioriecl,in ;t;: F ~cd.!
    (cj b6 c ~CII S;L!{;(;
    eilcloscd or not, i:i;loriglng to thc Govomrr lr or :my
    local nclihority ,oil ~~’iichthci.~are no buii J::zz! 4: r of~vhicl~
    not inore thnii ow-twcnticill p::rt is ccbv-rcd w~thk~vil~iing~,
    ~tudhhc whol~or t31c rcnlsinder of which is used for
    n:crzi~s I !~LILV~a~;tli~r
    purposes o lrecreatioil, air or light ;
    (d) ‘”park ” means a piece of Irmd 011 which
    there are no buildings or of which not 1:lorc ~IILLI~one-
    twentieth part js covered wi~hbuildings, and the whole
    or the remaincier of whicl~is laid out as a garden with
    trees, plants or flower-beds or as a lawn or asa n~eadow
    and maintained as a place For the resort or the public for

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