Building, Executive Authority, Places of Public Resort and Entertainment,
Inspection and Licensing

An Act to pravide for the Inspection and
Licensing of Places of Public Resort and
WHEREASit is expedient toprovide for the inspeotion P-b~..
i of places of public resort and entehinment, and for
the licensing of the same by uompetent authority ;
It is hereby enacted as follows :-
I[$. (1) This Act maybe otllled the a(TamilNadu) Short title
. Placesof PublioResort Act, 1888.
I ment.
Aat V of
(2) (a) Ib shall come into force at once in every
municipality constituted or deemed to have been
*[Tamil constituted under the 2(Tamil Nadu) District Munici-
palities Act, 1920.
(b) The State Government may, by notification,
extend all or any of the provisions of this Act to any
I other local area in the State except the City of Madme
I from auoh date as may be specified in suoh notifimtion
and may cancel or modify any such notification.

  1. In this Aot, unless the oontexb otherwise Defhitionm.
    (a) ‘building ‘ inoludes any house, hut, shed or
    roofed enolosure ;
    (b) “exeoutive authority” means the exeoutive
    authority tcs defined in clause (8-C) of section 3 of the
    a[Tamil ‘(Tamil Nadu) Distriot Munioipalities Act, 1920.1
    A”:,”d of
  2. 1These eeotions were substituted for original sections 1and 2
    b motion 2 of the Tamil Nadu Places of Public Resort
    (Lendment)Aot, l9BO (Tamil Nadu Aot 20 of 1960).
    2 Thew words+re mbstituted for the word “Madree” by the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Lawe Order, 1969, arc amended by the
    TamilNadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendme*) Order,
    1g69, whioh oame into force on the 14th January 1069.Places of Public Resort
    [i888: T.N. Act 11
    Licences for
    use Of enclosed
    p!ace or
    l[3. In any area in whioh this Act is in force, no
    enclosed plaoe or building, whether permanent or
    building for temporary, shall be used for public resort or enter-
    public rePoIr
    3r entertain-
    tainment in the following cases, unless a licence has
    been obtained in respect thereof under this Act :-
    (a) In every case where the area within the
    enclosed place or occupied by the building is five
    hundred square feet or more ;
    (b) In case the area aforesaid is less than five
    hundred square feet, if the place or building is situated
    within the juri~diction of a municipal counoil
    a(or of a Panchayat olassified as a Class I panchayat
    under clause (a) of sub-seotion (1) of section 5 of the a[Tarnil
    .(Tamil Nadu) Village Panchayats Act, 1960, or as !$g Of
    a town panohayat under the ‘(Tamil Nadu) 1960.
    Panchayats Act, 1958, and the public are allowed ‘[Tamil
    to take part in any game or competition therein.] ::,””I
    of 1968.
    fcr licence: 4. When any person desires to obtain a licence to
    what it muat
    Use any enclosed place or building for public resort
    or entertainment, or to construct any enclosure or
    building for such purpose, he shall sen&an application
    to the authority named in section 5, setting forth
    the name of the owner of the place or building, its
    1This seotion was substitutod for the original seotion 3 by
    section 2 of the Places of Public Resort (Amendment) Act, 1049
    (MadrasAct XXMIIof 1949).
    a These words. figures, brackets and letter were substituted
    forthe words “or of a p~nchayatclrtssified by the State hvernment
    as a major panohayat by seotion 3 of the Tamil Ndu Plaoea
    of Publio Resort (Amendment) Aot, 1960 (Tamil Nadu Act 20 of
    . a These words were substituted for the word Madras by
    the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969,as amended by
    the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Seoond Amendment) Order,
    1969, whioh oame into foroe on the 14th January 1969.307
    1888: T.N. Act II] Places of Pub&sHesort
    situation, size and desoription, the maferial of whioh
    the enclosure or building is made or proposed to be
    made, whether it is or is proposed to be permanen6
    or temporary, and the purpose for whioh it is proposed
    to be used.
    l5. Such application shall be made a[to the executive Authority to
    authoriby], if the enclosed place or building is within a 2::
    munioipal town, and in every other oase a[to any be made.
    revenueoffioer not below therank of Tahsildar] having
    jurisdiction over the looal area in whioh the plaoe or
    building is situabed.

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