Forest, Forest Produce, Private Forest

An Act to Provide for the ta:iing over of the Management
of Private Forests in Certain Areas in ihe 3[Stnte of Tamil
WHEREASit is expedient to provide for the taking over by
the dovernment,for a limited period,ofthe management
private forests in certain rreas in thea[State of Tamil Nadu]
in the public interest or in order to secure proper nlanage-
ment of such forests ;
BEit cnacted in the Twt.11211 of the Republic of 111dia

and cornmen-
4 .(1) This Act may be called the 1[Tamil Nadu] Private S~Crt title,
-.- – -cerrenta
Forests (Assrunption of Management) Act, 196;.
Thase words werc substituted for the word ” Madras” by
the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, asamended by
the Tamil Ncldu Adapcaiion of Laws (Second Amendment) Order,

  1. For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Fort S’. Gcorge
    Gazette, c!:.ttsd the 22nd Novemkr 1961, Part IV-Section 3,
    pagc 589-
    This expression was substituted for the expressiol~”State of
    Madras ” by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as
    amended by the Tamil Nadu Adaplation of Laws (Second Amend-
    ment) Order, 1969.
  • By virtue of section 62 of the Gudalu~Janrn.ii11 Estates
    (Abolition and Conversion into Ryolwari) Act, 1969 (Tamil Nadu
    Act 24 of 1969), with effect on and from the date appointed by the
    Government under sub-section (4) of section 1 of the said Act,
    (Tamil Nadu Act 55 of 1961) shall cease to apply to forests which
    vested in the Governmellt under section 3 of the former Act.
    [I961 :T&. Act
    tion of Management) ‘
    , 5. ‘
    (2) It applies to private forests situatcd in th
    Gudalur and Ootacamund taluks of the Nilgiris dicirid
    (3) It shall come into force on such tiri,u ::s t
    Governmentmay, by notification, appoint.
    district ;
    Definitiol:F.. 2. In this Act, unless tlie context othclwi~c;cq~!ii.cs,
    (1) Collector ‘ means the Collector of the Nilgi
    (21 forest ‘includes wr.ste or crable Zaild contairzi
    trees aild shrubs, pasture lund and myotl~er~1ilt.sof 1~1
    dsclai-ed by the Govcrnn~entto bc a forcsi by no:ificstid
    iss?~edin this behalf.

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