Ragging, Prohibition, College, University

The following Act (iftheTamil N?,du Legisl~.fiveAssemb;lyreceivedthe assent of
theGoverncsr cinLthe14h~Februaxy 1M;7and’it+.henel~ypub1ished:for g~netralinforma.
A(iTn NO, 7 0E1997.
An.Act to prohibit ragging-in dbcational institutions in the-Stateof amilnm<ru,
BE it enaoted by theLegislztiveAssembljof theStateof Tamil Nadu in the Fort3-
eighth Year of :he RquBlic oft Ihdirr~es follows. –
I.(I) This Act may be called the Temil Nadu Prchibitior of ~a~Act,~inShort title, ~
-eat and
(2) It extends to the whole-of; tb Stete: of Tamil Nadu.
(3).It shall bsdeerned to have come into forceon the 19th dayof Deoember
of noisy, disorderly conduct doing anyact which causesor is1ikel:~tocausephysical
or psychological harm or raise apprehsnsion or fear or sheme or embarrsss.
ment to a student in any educational institution and includes, –

  1. In this Act unless the context otherwise requires, “ragging ” means display Defi&ion,
    (a) teasing, abusing of, playing practical jokes on, or causing hurt to such
    student ; cr
    (b) ~sking he , do any act or perforni something which scch
    student will not in the ordinarv course willinglydo.
  2. Ragging within or without any educational institution is prohibited. Prohibition of
  3. Whoever directlyor indirectlycommits, participatesin, abets or propagates Penalty for
    “raeng” within or without any educational institution, shall be punished with
    imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and shall also be liable to a
    fine which may extend to ten thousand rupees.
  4. Any student convicted of an offence under section 4 shall also be dismissed Dismissal of
    from the educational institution and such student shall not be admitted in any other student.
    educational institution.^
  5. (1) Without prejutlicc to the foregoing provisions, whenever any student Suspension of
    colnplaints of ragging to the head of an educational institution, or to any other student.
    person responsible for the management of the educational institution, such head
    of the educational institution or person responsible for the management of the
    educatioi~alinstitution shall inquire into the same immediately and if found true
    shall susp:nd thc student, who has committed the offence, from the educational
    (?) The decision 01’the head of the educational institution or the person
    respons~blefor the managzment of the educational institution that any student has
    indulged in ragging unde~sub-section (1) shall be final.
  6. If the head of the educational institution or the person responsible for the Deemed
    management of the educational institution fails or neglects to take actlon in the abetment
    manner speci;ied in sub -section (I) of scction 6 when a complaint of ragging is made,
    such person sh:tll bc deemed to have abetted the offence of ragging and shall be
    punished as provided for in section 4.
  7. (I) The State Government may make rules f~rcarrying out all or any of Power to make
    the purposes of this Act.
    (2) All rules made under this Act shall be published in the Tamil Nadu
    Government Gazette and ui~less,they are expressed to come into forceon a particular]
    day, shall come into force on the day on which they are so published.

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