Advertisement, Place of Public Work or Use, Public Service Vehicle, Religious
Place, Smoking, Spitting

The following A& df ‘;he Tamil Nadu ~k~islativeAssembly received the asdint ‘ of :r. -*l~+~pfu
ACT No. 4 OF 2003
Art Act to provide for prohibition of smoking andspitting in the plrcc ofprrhlic wor.k or.rrse nnd
rtr prrhltc sc.r.i+irci~c~lticlcin tlrc~St(~tc~o/T(1trrr1Ntrdrr rrrrcl /or rrrtr/tc,r.\ ( otrrrcvcr~,(/rlic#r.c~\c$(A.
BL.11 enacted by the Leg~slativeAssenlbly of the State of Tarn11Nadu In the Flfty-thlr Year of
the Republic of India as follows:-

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Smokingand SplttlngAct, 2002. Short title.
    extent and
    (2) It extends to the whole of the State of Tamil Nadu.
    (3)It shallcome into force on suchdate, as the Government may, by not~fication, appoint:
    Provided that d~fferentdates may be appo~ntedfor d~tferentpro~s~o~~s of th~sAct
    and any reference in any such provision to the cornmencement ofth~sAct shall I-e construed as
    reference to the coming into force of that provision.
  2. Ip th~sAct. unless the context other\v~serequrres. —
    (a) “advert~sement” means and ~ncludesany notice. ct~cular.\all paper,
    pamphlet. display on hoardings, or any !is~ble leplesentatlon nude ‘by Incans of any
    light. sound. smoke, gas or any other means wh~chhas the d~rector rnd~rect:SSect of plomoting
    sn~ok~ngor tobacco chewing and the rxpresslon .advert~se.shall bc const1 ,led accordingly;
    r 29 1
    -IV-ZIFY69) – I
    7? –
    I – I.. fPI-. – —
    (b) “authorised officerw means a person authorised under section 10;
    (c) “Government” means the State Government;
    (d) “Place ofpublic work oruse” means anyplace declaredas such under section 3and
    includes auditoria, hospital buildings, health institutions, cinema, seminar or conference halls,
    anarsement centres, restaurants, eating houses, commercial establishments, public offices, court
    bui’dings, educational institutions, parks, libraries, sports complexes, bus stations, bus stops,
    beaches, bamars, all the Government offices including local bodies, statutory bodies,
    co-cqerativeinstitutions and religious placesand the like which arevlsited by general publ~c;but
    does not include any open place;
    (e) “public service vehicle” means a vehicle as defined under clause (35)of section 2 of c’rntrrl A
    59 01’198
    Declaration of
    places of
    public work
    or use.
    Prohibition of
    smoking and
    spitting in
    place of
    public work
    or use.
    the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988;
    (f) “religious place” means a temple, church, mosque, mutt or a place by whatever
    designation known, used as a place of public religious worship;
    (g) “smoking” means smoking of tobacco in the form of cigarette, cigar, beedi or
    otherwise with the aid of pipe, wrapper or any other instrument;
    (h) “spitting” means voluntary ejection of saliva fromthe mouth after chewing tobacco,
    pan-rnasala, gutka, beta1 leaf with arecanut in any form or any tobacco product or products
    containing tobacco or ejection of mucus from the nose after inhaling snuff.
  1. The Government may, by notification, declare anyplace of public work or use in the State
    of Tamil Nadu to be a place for the purpose of this Act.
  2. No person shall smoke or spit in any place of public work or use.
    of 1988.
    spitting in
    Prohibition of
    ment of
  3. No person s all himself or by any person on hls behalf, store, sell or distribute cgarettrs.
    bredies, crgar. supa~rw~thtobacco, zarda, snuff, or any other smoklng or chewing substance or
    Prohibition of 5. Subject to the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, no person shall smoke or spit Central Act
    and in any public service vehicle.
    ‘ prohlD1tlua Of
    storage, sale
    Of c’galetteb,
    substances corltalnlng tobacco with111an area of one hundred metres around any college. school
    or other educ:~t~on;ilInstrtutlons.
  4. Every person incharge of place of public work or use shall display and exhibit a board at
    smoklng and vehicle any materia which may directly or indirectlypromote smoking orchewing oftobacco, pan-
    chewing mj,sala or gutka or any tobacco product or products containing tobacco even if classified as by
    ahy other name.
  5. Notwithstanding anything contained in aay other law for the time being in force, no person
    shall advertise or cause to advertise in any place of public work or use and on any public service
    board a conspicuous place In or outside the place promlnetltly stating that the place is a “No Smokil~g
    and No Spitting plalce” and that “Smoking or Spitting is an Offence”.

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