Educational Agency, Minority School, Private School, School Committee

An Act to provide for the reghation of recognised
private schools in the State of Tamil Nadu.
BEit enacted by the Legislature of the State of Tamil
Nadu in the Twenty-fomth Year of the Republic of India
fihort title, 1. (1) This Act may be called the Nadu Recog-
cxrent, applica- nised Private Schools (ReguIation) Act, 1973.
tion and cum-
mencement. (2) It extends to the whole of the State of Tamil
(3) It applies to all private schools.
(4) It shall come into force on such date as the
Goverment may, by notification, appoint.


  1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-
    (1) “academic year” means the year commencing
    on the first day of January or June :
    (2) ”competent authority ” means any authority,
    officeror person authorlsed by the Government, by notifi-
    cation, to perform the functions of the competent autho-
    rity unde~this Act for such area or in relation to such
    class of private schools, as may be specified in the notifi-
  • For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Tamil Nadu
    Government Gazette Extraordinary, dated the 10i.h ALgust 1972,
    Part-IV Section 3, Pages 2 19-220,
    ati ion ;
    __–1974 :T.N. Act 291
    Recognised Private Schools 377
    (Aegulat ion)
    (3) “educational agency “in relation to-
    (a) any minority school, means any person who,
    or body of persons which, has established and is adminis-
    tering or propases to establish and administel such mino-
    rity school ;and
    (b) any other private school, means any person
    or body of persons permitted or deemed to be permitted
    this Act to establish and maintain such other
    p~ivateschool ;
    (4) “Government “means the State Government ;
    (5) “grant ” means any sum of money paid as aid
    out of State Funds to any private school ;
    (6) “minority school ” means a private school of
    its choice established and administered, or administered,
    by any such minority whether based on religion or lan-
    guage as has the right to do so under clause (1) of article
    30 of the Constitution ;
    (7) “private school ” means a pre-primary, primary,
    middle or high school or any other institution imparting
    education or training, established and administered or
    maintained by any person or body of persons, and recog-
    nised by the competent authority under this Act but does
    not include a school or an institution-
    (a) imparting technical or professional education;
    (b) established and administered or maintained
    by the Central Government or the State Government or
    any local authority ;
    (c) maintained or approved by, or affiliated to,
    any University established by law ;or
    (d) giving, providing or imparting religious ins-
    truction alone, but not any other instruction ;
    (8) “school committee “, in relation to a private
    school, means the school committee constituted under
    section 15 ;
    (9) “secretary “, in relation to a private schooj,
    means the secretary referred to in section 16 ;
    (10) “Tribunal ” means a Tribunal constituted
    under section 42 and having jurisdiction.

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