Plantation, Village, Registration of Births and Deaths in Rural Tracts

An Act to makeprovision for the Registration
of Births and Deaths in rural tracts.
WHEREASit is expedient to make provision for
the registration of births and deaths in ru.traots ;
It is hereby enaoted as follows :-

  1. This Act may be called the ‘[Tamil Nadu]
    Registration of Birtha and Deaths Aot, 1899.
    and with-
    drawal of
    ~ct. area beyond the limits of the City of Madras and of
    Extension 2. The 3[State Government] my,by notifioation,
    C- –
    extend this Act, or any portion thereof, to any load
    1These words were substituted for the word Madras ” by
    the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by
    the Ternil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order,
    1969, which came into force on the 14th January 1969.
    SFor Statement of Objects and Reasom, 8eeFort St. Cieorgs
    Gazette Supplement, dated the 22nd November 1898, p. 4 ;for Pro-
    oeedinge in Council, see ibid, dated tho 20th Docember 1898, pp.
    16-22, and ibid, dated the 28th Maroh 1899, pp. 16-40.
    This Act was extended to the merged State of Pudukkottai by
    section 3 of, and the First Schedule to, the Tamil Nadv Merged
    States (Laws) Act. 1949 (Tamil Nadu Act XXXV of 1949).
    This Act waa extended to the Kanyakumari district and the
    Shencottah taluk of the Tirunelveli district by section 4 of, and
    the Second Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu (Transferred Territory)
    Extension of Laws Act, 1966 (Tamil N&duAct 22 of 1966) repealing
    the corresponding law in that territory.
    As from the coming into force in this State of the Registration
    of Births and Deaths Act. 1969 (Central Act 18 of 1969) so much
    of Tamil Nadu Act 111 of 1899 as relates to the matters covered by
    the former Act shall stand repealed in this State. Please see
    section 31 of Central Act 18 of 1969.
    SThe words “Provincial Government ” were substituted for
    the words s’L~calGovemmmt” by the Adaptation Order ,,f
    1937 and the word “State wsa substituted for ‘* E’rovinoid
    by the Adaptation Order of 1960.449
    1899 :T.N;Act IIa 3Pt?gWdho3BirtIk and DGark
    the munioipalities oonytitute$ under the WILB
    Distriot Munioipalities Aot, 1884′, akd may also by –
    notifioation exolude my suoh looal area from the
    operation of the Aot or any portion thereof.
  2. In this Act, unless there is something n3pugp8nb Interprets-
    zf’ Plentstion ‘ meam any land not less thaniiE~t*
    in the subject or eontext,-
    fifty acres in extent, whether held by one person or
    by more persons than one as w-owners and whether
    in one or more blocks, whioh is being prepared for
    &heproduotion of, or actually produces, tea, ooffee,
    pepper, rubber, oardamom or cinchona or suoh other
    products as the S[State] Government may by order
    duly notised ape* :]
    “village” means any local area ‘[(exolusive cf IfVillage.”
    any plantation)] whioh for purposes of revenue
    administration is now recognized aa a vill~~eor,
    whioh may hereafter be declared by the [&ate
    Goveinment] to be a villr ge, and in which local area
    this Act or any portion thereof is in-foroe:
    “registrar” means a person appointed “Registrar.”
    registrar of births and deaths under section 5 of this
    1See now the Tamil Nedu District Municipalities Act, 1920
    (Tamil Nadu Act V of 1920).
    2 This defhition wae inserted by motion 2 (i) of the Madrcts
    Registration of Birthe and Deathe (Amendment)Aot, 1946 (Madrao
    Act XIX of 1946), ee modified end re-enacted permenently by
    section 3 of, and the Second Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu Re-
    enacting (No. 11)Act, 1948 (Tamil Nadu Act VIII of 1948).
    3This word wae substituted for the word “Provincial ” by
    the Adaptation Order of 1960.
    These words snd -bets wen, inserted by seotion 2 (ii)of *he
    Madraa Registration of Births and Deaths (Amendment) Act,
    1946 (Madrae Act XIX of 1946), ee modified and re-eneoted
    permanently by section 3 of, and the Beeond Schedule to, the
    Tamil Nedu Re-emoting (No. 11) Act, 1948 (Tamil Nadu Ad
    VIIIof 1948).
    8 The rods ‘~Prw5noid Clov-ent ” were eubstitutsd
    for the word. Loaal Oovemment ” by the Adaptation Order of
    1037 end the word “State” wan mWutedfw *’ Provineid*’
    brLhsddopbtiopOrdm d1B60;

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