Sale of Property, Arrears of Rent or Revenue

-411 tshsildars within the “[State of Tehsildars
Commis~ionersfor the sale of property distrained for ;:tr?Yz*
Tamil Nadu] shall be vested with the powers of empor errd to
arrears of rent or of revenue, ulid shall be subject to
all rules and provisions to \vhioh by any law or
regulation such Commissioners are subject.
1 The short title was given by thr Popealiug and Amending
Act, 1901 (CentralAct XI of 1901).
This Act was doclared by the Ll wx Local Extont Act. 1874
(Central Act XV of 1874). s. 4 and the Second Schedule, to be in
foroe in the whole of the Stute of Tam11 Nudu except th3 terri-
tories mentioned in the Sixth Schedule to that Act.
This Act was extended tn the mwged State of Pudukkottai by
motion 3 of, and the First Scheclule to, the Tamil Nadu Bferpd
States (Laws)Aot, 194’3 (Tt.rni1 NI du Act XXXTT of 19 49).
This Act was oxtended to tho I<anyc\kumaridistrict and the
Shenoottah taluk of the Tirunelvel. distr~rtby sectir~n3 of, and
the First Schcdule to, the Tam11 N LCLU
(‘l’ranslcrrod ‘rr rritorv)
Extensior~of Laws Act, 106’1 (Tr.1111 Nnc?u,lct 23 of 10001.which
came into force on the 1stApril 1931, repeul~ngthe corlespond-
ing law in that territory.
3 These words were substitatecl for the word “Mad .as “by
the Tamil Nadu Adsptation of Laws Ordor, 1909, as amended by
heTamil Nadu Adaptation of 1,na.s (Second Amendment ) Order.
1969, which carne into folsceor] tno 14th Januury 1!)6!i.
8 The words “And it is hereby enacted that, frorn 1he said
day” wererepealed by the Roposliilg Act, 1873 (Central i~ctXI1
of 1878).
4 This expression war substituLecl for the ex:re&on
*’territories subject to the Presidency of Furt St,. Gaorye by $he
Tamil Nadu Adoptatio~lof Lew~Urder, 1070, whioh was deemed
to h~voweinnf;)rao011 tho 141d~Jatrnory 1900.Oh &en&and Rebut ue Sales [I839 t Cen.Act 811
Control of 3. Provided i,lways that in respect of the eseroise
tnhsildars in of thoso po\crs ta1tsildai.s sha 11 be subjoct to the
of *’lnhoontrol and superintendence of the Colleotor, and shall
not be subject to the authority of the Zila Judge,
except in the case of any judicial proceedings.

  1. [Their linbil;ties in exercise of same power.] Rep.,
    by the Repealing and ,4wcnding Act, 1891 (Central
    Act XlI of 1891).
    Feea for selliq 5. Provided also that t,ahsildarsshall not be entitled
    property to he to any feo or commissiou for ::elling such distrained
    credlted to
    Government. propeiVty: but that all fce~or commission which may
    bo now L~wfully talcell bg Comn~isuioilersfor the
    sale of such distrained property shall be taken and
    carried to the account of Government.
    Delegetion of
  1. And it is hereby eriacted that tahsildars shall
    have authority, subjecttothe orders of the Collector,
    to delegate the powers vested in them by the second
    section of this Act to cm;y public servants placed
    unde~their authority ; :~ndthat tile p~ovisions of
    l[sections 3 and 51 of this A3t shall apply to all
    public se~.vantsto whom those powers shall have
    been so delegated in th~same nlanncr as they apply
    to tahsildars..

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