Repealing of Certaing Laws

An Act to repeal certain enactments and to amend certain
other enactments
WEIBRBASit is expedient that the enactments specified
in the First Schedule which are spent or have othtrwise
become unnecessary, or have ccasctl to be in force otber-
wise than by expressed specific repeal, should be expressly
and specifically repealed 1
ANDWHIRBAS it is also expedient that rzcrtain amend-
ments should be made in the enactments specified in
the second Schedule :It is heriby ~i~a~tec” :.s follows:–
Sbort titlw 1. This Act may bc called the l[Taiil Nndu] Repeal-
ing and Amending Act, 1952.
~~~~l of 2. The enactmei~tsspecified in the First Schcdule
mtain enact- are hereby repsa1:d to the extent rni;ntioned in the fourth
mm@-column thereof.
Amc~ nt 3. (1) The enactments specified in the Second Schedule
ere hereby amer~dcdto the extent and in the manner
mentiohed inthe fourth column thereof.
(2) The amendment to the ‘[Tarnil Nadu] Shops
and Establishme~ltsAct, 1947 (l[Tamil Nadu] Act XXXVI
of 1947), specified iri the: Second ScheduIa shall be deemed
to have come into force on the 1st day of April 1951.

  1. The repeal by illis Act of any enactment shall not
    affect any other enwtment in which the repealed enact-
    ment has hen applict., i:~arporhii.;i or rcfcn:d to I
    1 These words were subsfit~ltedfor the word “hlodras” by the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of LRWSOrder, 1969,as amended by the
    Tamil Nadu Adadtation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order,
    !For Stu. *ent of Objects and Reasons, gee Fort St. Georpe
    Gaze:’; dated the 16th July 1952. Part 1V-A, hlges 51-52.

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