Administration of Revenue, Conduct of Public Servants, Enquiries,
Examination of Witnesses


An Act for facilitatin enquiries into matters
connected with t e administration of the
Revenue and into the conduct of Public
WHEREASit is expedient to make further provision
to facilitate enquiries into matters oonneated with the
administration of the revenue and into the oonduob
of publio servants;It is hereby enaoted asfollows :-

  1. This Act extends to the whole of the 8[State of
    Leoal extent. Tamil Nadu].
    1These words were substituted for the word “Madraa” by Ghe
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969,’as amended by $he
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Seoond Amendment) Order, 1969,
    whioh oame into foroe on the 14th Januery 1969.
    2 Short title, “The Madras Revenue Enquiries Aot, 1893,” WM
    given by the Repealing and Amending Act, 1901 (CentralAot XI of
    For statement of Objeots and Reasona, see Fort St. George (fase#s
    Supplement, dated the 12th July 1892, p. 1 ; for Report of the
    Seleot Committee, eee ibid, dated the 14th February 1893. p. 1; for
    Prooeedings in oounoil, see &id, dated the 24th January 1893, p. 6;
    W,dated the 7th Masoh 1893, p. 3; and ibid, dated the 11thAplll
    1893, p. 4.
    Thie Aot waa extended to the merged State of Pudukkottai by
    seotion 3 of, and the First Sohedule to, the Tamil Nadu Merged
    States (Laws)Aat, 1949 (TdNadu Aot 2CXXV of 1949).

    This Aat was extended to the Kanyakumari dietriot and the
    shenaottah tduk of theTirunelveli dietriot by section 3 of, and the
    Sohedule to, the T-il Nadu (Transferred Territory) EMon
    of Laws Aot, 1957 (TamilNadu Aot XXII of 1957)repealing the
    oorresponding law in foroe in that territory.
    Thisexpression was eubstituted for the espemion “Presidency
    of Madras” by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1070,
    whioh was deemed to have oome into foroe on the 14thJ&nu&rp
    I96Q.1893 :T.N.,Act V] – ‘ Revenue Bquim’c8
  2. TheGovernment may,by order, invest,anyofficer Ofioer deputed
    deputed by it to make an enquiry into any utterto make
    connected with the administration of the revenue enquiries with
    or into the conduct of any publio Mmmt as such with certain powers.
    power to summon any person to appear before suoh
    officer or to produce any document or thing in the
    possession or under the control of suoh person the
    production of which, in the opinion of such officer,
    is necessary tothe conduct of such enquiry.
  3. The provisions of sections 2,3:4 and 6 of ‘(Tamil
    Nadu) Act 111of 1869shall, mzctat~~utandis,apply to oertain podions
    of [Tamil
    bTedu]’ Revenue
    Summons Aot,
    Examination of
    summonses issued under this Act.
  4. Any officer makinganenquiryunder this Acb may
    examine orally any person supposed to be acquainted
    with the matter under enquiry or any fact relevant
    thereto, and may reduce into writing any statement,
    xnade by the person so examined.
    Such person shall be bound to answer truly all
    questions relating to suoh matter put to him by suoh
    officer, other than questions the answers to which
    would have a, tendency to expose him to criminal
    charge or to a pedty or forfeiture.

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