Recovery of Arrears of Revenue, Land Holder, Public Revenue, Quit Rent,
Ground Rent, Cesses

An Act to consolidate the Laws for the
Recovery of Arrears of Ravonue in thc ‘[State
,of Tamil Nadu].
WIIEIG~~:AB it is ailvitl;rl)lotllal (die law8 rolating tothe
collection of tho public revenue should be consolidated
and simplified ; It is hereby enactea as follows :-
ohe. be take11 to comprise the following permns:-
Landholder. All persons holding under a Sanad-i-Milkiyat-i-is-
timrar,all other Zamindars, Rhrotriyamdars, ,Jagirdars,
Inamdays, and all persons farming the Land Revenue
under 5[ the State Government]. All holders of land
under Ryotwar settlements, or in any way subject tothe
of revenue direct toti [the State Government].
1These words were substituted for the word “Marlras” by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969. as amended by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendnicnt) Order,

  1. which came into force on tlho14th January 1969.
    2 Short title,”TheMadr~Revenue Recovery Act,lSG4″ waa given
    by the Repdingand Amending net, 1901 (Central Act XI of 1901).
    This A<:t was oxtended tathe merged Stak of Pudukkottai by
    section 3 of, and tho Firat Schedule to, tho Tamil Nedu Morged
    Strtt,cs (1;n.w~)Act, 1949 (Tamil Nadu Aot XXXV of 1949).
    This Act wns oxtondotl to the Knnyakumari district and the
    Shencottah t,aluk of the Tirunolveli district by staction 3 of,
    and the First Schedule to, the Tamil Nndu (Transferred Territory)
    Extension of Laws Act, 1960 (Tamil Nadu Act 23 of 1060), which
    came into force on the 1st April 1961, repealing the corresponding
    law in that territory.
    This Act was extended to, and is in force in, the areas to which
    the Madras City Land Revenue (Amendment) Act, 1867 (Madras
    Act’VI of 1867) was applicable immediately before the date of the
    commencement of the Maclras City Land-Revenue and Revenue
    Recovery (Amondment) Act, 1967 (Tamil Nadu Aot 10 of 1967) by
    section 3 of the latter Act.
    This &t was extended to the added territories by section 6 (I),
    *id repealing the corresponding law in those territorios,
    3 Tho Act was temporarily amondcd by the Madras Revenue
    Recovery(‘iemporaryAmendm~~~t)Aat,l922 (Madraa Act IVof 1922)
    4 This expression was substituted for the expmion ~CMsdrw
    Presidency” hy the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1970,
    which was deemed to have come into form on the 14th Jsnusrv
    5 The words “the Provincial Govenunent” were substituted for
    tho word “Government” by the Adaptation Order of 1937epdtb
    word “State” wae substituted for “Provinpid “by the A&p%tion
    Chder of 1960.ISM : T.N.Act 11) Revenue Recovery

‘[Public revenuo due on lanc! ~hnll,for tl~cpw!~oseerof Pubfio ravr.” Is.
this Act, be taken to include-
[(a)aswssment, quit-rent, ground-rent or other
charge upon tho land pclyul)lc to the Stsle (‘aovcrn-
2[(ua)] cesscs or othcr ilucs ~,;~.yi~l)lo to tlls Stute
aovcrnmcnt on sccotu~tol’ wuLw sr Ippl~o(l liw irrigu-
tion; and
(b) pattom due oh I<andulzrishilands in the Kanya-
kumari district.]

  1. The land, the buildingfi upon it, and it~productsSecurity for
    shall be regarded as the security of tho public revenue. revenue.
  2. Every landholder shall pay to ‘Lhu Collector, or Landholder
    other officer empowered by him to receive it, the “,”,~,”~;y revenue due upon his 1;snd on or before theday on which kist. it falls due, accordingto the Bist,bandi or other engage- ment, and where no partliclllirclay is fixecl, then
    within the time when the pavment falls due according
    to local usage: Providcd bhat, except where property
    is held under a Sanad-i Milkiyat-i-i-timrar or other
    similar instrument, it shall be Ia~~,ful f~rth~Board Board of
    of Revenue, by not,ifir.~tionpuhlishcd in the Ui~trictRevenue alter amounts may
    Gazette, to alterand fix, from time to time, the amount ,a damof
    of the several kists or instalments, and the dates at payment.
    whioh they shall respective1 bccorne payable
  3. When the whole or portion of a kist shall not be &rear of
    so paid, the amount of the kist or of its unpaid portion revenue.
    shall be deemed to be an arrear of revenue.
    1This paragraph was substituted for tho p~vagragh “Public
    revenue due on land shall, for tho purposes of this Act, be taken
    to inolude cesses or other dues payablo to tho Stato Government on
    ancount of water supplied for irrigation” by section 4 of, and the
    hcond Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu (Transferred Territory)
    Exteqsion of Laws Act,1960 (TamilNadu Act 23 of 1900).
    2’The original clause (a) was rolottorotl as clause (aa) and this
    clause was inserted by section 4 of the Rladras City Lancl-Revenue
    -and Revenue Reoovery (An:enbent) Act, 1867 (TamilNadu Aot 16
    of 1967).

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