Conservancy of Rivers, Specified River, Survey of Rivers, Conservators of

An Act.toprovide for the Conservancy of
Rivers in the S(State of Tamil Nadu).
WHEREASit is expedient to make provision for preamble.
the conservanoy of rivers in the ‘j[State of Tamil
Nadu] ; It is hereby enacted as follows :-

  1. This Act may be cited as the S(Tamil Nadu) shorttitle.
    Rivers Conservancy Act, 1884.
    1The words “Provinoial Go~ernment”were substituted for the
    words “Uovernor in Council by the Adaptation Order of I937
    and the word “Provincial “was omitted by the Adaptation(Arnend-
    ment) Order of 1960.
    SSee now the Land Acc~uisitionAct, 1894 (Central Aot I of
    18941, 8.5.
    3Them words were substituted for the word “Madras ” by tho
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amonded by tho
    Tamil Nsdu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order,
    1069, whioh came into foroe on the 14th January 1969.
    4For Statement of Objects and Remom, see Fort St. Qewge
    Gazette Supplement, dated the 8th July 1881, p. 4; for Report of
    the Select Committee, 8es ibg,dated the 4th December 1883, p. 1;
    for Promdings in Counail, eee 80, dated the 13th September
    1881, p. 9; ib0,dated the 3rd July 1883, p. 26; and ibid, dated
    the 26th Maroh 1884. p. 1.
    This Aot was extended to the merged State of Pudukkottai by
    sectioii 3 of, and the First Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu Merged
    States (LBWS)Aot, 1949 (Tamil Nadu Act XXXV of 1949).
    6 This ex~rosaionmas substituted for the expression “Madras
    Presidenoy by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order,
    1870, which was deemed to have come into force on the 14th
    @ This expressionwas ~ubutitutodfor tho exproaslon “Presidenoy
    ! of Madran” by ibid.Notifiaation
    ato the
    of rivere as
    . provided by
    this Aot.
    Power to
    direot Burvey
    of rivers.
    Powers of
    oaoere to
    enter upon
    end survey
    Duties of
    Bivere Coltservaracy . L1W :T.N. Aot’.V I
  2. The l[State Government] may from time to
    time declare ,by notificationin the 2[0ffi~ialGazette]
    and in the Gazette of every district in which any part
    of the river is situated, that the conservancy of any
    specified river requires to be provided for in manner
    prescribed by this Act.
  3. The l[State Government] may at the aame
    time direct that a survey be made of such river for
    the purpose of determining the limits within which
    this Act is to be applied, and that proper charts and
    registers be prepared setting forth the channel and
    all boundaries and land-marks and all other matters
    necessary for the purpose of ascertaining such limits.
  4. All persons authorized to make a survey under
    geetion 3 shall have the like powers to enter upon
    land and to do all acts necesssry for the survey as are
    given in sections 4 and 6 of the Land Acquisition central
    Act, 1870,3 and subject to the provisos therein f$o,x
  5. It shall be the duty of the surveyor appointed
    to make a survey of tiny river to note upon the charts
    thereof all cdtivation existing or ordinarily carried
    on, and all groynes, buildings, plantations, comtrua-
    tions or obstructions within the surveyed limits of
    the said river and to prepare a register to be styled
    the survey-register, containing the above particulars.
    The surveyor shll also mark upon the charts the
    ordinary channel as it exists atthe date of the survey
    so far asit can be ascertained.

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