Kudiyiruppu, Plantation, Plantation Labourer, Rural Artisan

An Act to provide for the conferment of ownership rights
on rural artisans occupying kudiyiruppu in the State of
Tamil Nadn.
In cxcrcisc of the powcrs conferred by section 3 of
the Tamil Nadu State Legisla.ture (Delegation of Powirs)
Act, 1976 (41 of 1976), thc President is plczsed to enact
as follows :-

  1. (1) This Act may be cdled the Tamil Nedu shmttit~,
    Rural Artisans (Conferment of Ownership of Kudi- extent and
    yiruppu) Act, 1976.
    (2) It extends to the whole of the State of
    Tamil Nadu, exccpt-
    (i) the City of Madras,
    (ii) the City of Madurai, and
    (iii) the area comprised in a municipal town
    or in a township constituted by or under eny law for
    the time being in force.
    (3) It shall come into force at once.
  2. It is hercby ddclared that this Act is for giving Declaration.
    effect to the policy of the State towards securing the
    principles sptcificd in cl~.ususe(b)and cla.use (c) of article
    39 of th; Constitution.
  3. Nothing in this Act shall apply to any land Exemptions
    held by the Central Governmeat or any State Govern-
    ment or any local authority or any corporation estab-
    lished by or under a Central Act or a State Act or
    ,any Gov~rnmentCompany as defined in section 617 of
    the Con~paniesAct, 1956 (1 of 1956).
  • For Reasons for the enactment, see TamilNadu Government
    Gazette ~xtraordinary,dated the 19th October 1976, Part 1~-
    Section 2, Pages 329-330.I
    638 Rural Artisans (Conferment [1976:President’s Act $8
    of Ownership of Kudiyiruppu)
  1. In this Act, unless the content otherwise
    (1) Cc authoriscd officer ” meads any I[Reven1e
    Officer not below the rank of lahsildar] authorised by
    the Govzrnrnent by notification to ~xcrcisethe p3wers
    conferred on, and discharge the duties imposed upm,
    the authorised officer under this Act, for such arca as
    may be specified in the notification;
    (2) 6′ Court ” means the Subordinate JudgtSs
    Court having jurisdiction and if thcre is no such Sub-
    ordinate Judge’s Court, the District Court having
    (3) cc Government ” means the State Govern-
    (4) ‘6 kudiyiru.ppu” means the site of any dwel-
    ling house or hut (other than in a plantation or land
    hild for ancillary purposes of plantation), occupisd,
    either as tenant or as licensee, by any rural artisan
    and includcs such othcr area adjacent to such dwelling
    house or hut as mxy bc necessary for the convenient
    enjoyment thereof.
    Explanation I.-For the purposes of this Act, it
    shall be presumed that any person occupying the
    kudiyiruppu is a rural artisan until the contrary is
    Explanation 11.-In determining the qucstion whe-
    ther for the purposes of this clause any arta adjacent to
    the dwelling house or hut is neccsszry far the conven-
    icnt enjoym~ntof such dwelling house or hut-
    (i) the area ~hichthe rural artisan had been
    enjoying on the 1st day of July, 1973; and
    (ii) such other factors, as may be prescribed, shall
    be taken into account;
    (5) cc person interested “,in rclation to any kudi-
    yiruppu or superstructure thcreon, includcs any pcrson
    claiming, or entitled to claim, an interest in the amount
    payable on account of the vcsting of that kudiyirupp.

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