Child, Commercial Establishment, Establishment, Factory, Inspector, Periods
of Work, Person Employed

Wewords were substituted for the word ”Madras “by the
Tamil Nadu!Adaptatio~~of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by tho
Tmul N~duAdaptatioxt of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969.
2 For Statementof Objects nd Redsons, see Fort St. Georpr
G~zettt?,dated the 7th lnnuary??g41, Part IVA, pages 12-13.
This Act was extended to the Merged Stato of Pudukkottai by
sealion 3of, and the First Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu Merged States
(Laws) Act, 1949(Tamil Nadu Act XXXV of 1949), with effect from
the 1stJal~uary1950.
ThisAct was extended to the Kanyakumari district and the Shen-
cottahtalukof theTirunelvelidistrictbv section 3of. nntL thc Schedule
to, the Tamil Nadu @ransferred erri it or^) ~xtellsio~i of Laws Act,
1957 (Taniil Nadu Act XXll of 1957).
This Act came into force-
(i) in the City of Madras, in all murlicipalities constituted under
the Tamil Nadu District Municipalities Act, 1920 and in all major
panchayats constituted under the Tamil Nadu District Boards Act,
1920 (now the panchayats col~slitutedunder tho Tarnil Niidu Pal-
chayats Act, 1958)on the 1st April 1948;
Ramjinagar, Dalmiapuram .. ., In the Tiruchirappalli
In the Coilnbatore
(ii) in the following arcen on tlle lStll June 1948 ;-
Vallaikinar, Madukka~di ..
Podanur, L’erianaickenpnlayam,
Mettur .. .. . . .. In the Salem dibtrict.
Chromepet, Pallavaram .. .. In the Chingleput district.
(iii) in the Pudukkottai municipality and in all major
panchayats in the State constituted under the Tamil Nadu District
Boards Act, 1920 (now the panchayats ‘constituted under
Tamil Nadu Panchayats Act, 1958) on the 1st Septenlbcr 1949.
In relation to any relief undertaking aeclared under section 3
of the TamilNadu Relief Undertakings (Speuial Provisions) Act, 1969
pamil Nadu Act 21 of 196?), this Act shqll’not apply or shall apply
with such modificatton, addatpn or omlssloa as pybe specified by
the Government in a notification issued under scct10n 4 of the sid
distr~ct.WHEREASit is expedient to provide for the regulation
. of conditions of work in shops, coinmercial establish-
ments, restaurants, theatres and other establishments
and for certain other purposes ; It is hereby enacted
iLS follows :- ,
(3) 3[(a) It shall come into force in the following
areas on such date as the State Government may, by
notification, appoint :-
(i) the City of Madras;
(iii) all areas witllilz the jurisdiction of
panchayats which under rule 2 of Schedule 111 to the irramjl
lvamil Nadu] Village Panchayats Act, 1950*,Nadu

deemed to be constituted under f:&,*of
that Act, and which, immediately before ths
iTbese words were substituted for the word “Madras” by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by tile
TamilNadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969.

  • This expression was substituted for the expression 66 Stab of
    Madras” by ibid,
    a This clause was substituted for the original clause by section 3
    of, andmSecond Scheduleto, the Tamil Nadu Repealing -dAmend-
    InpAct, 1952 (Tamil Nad~Act XI of 1952) and was deemad to have
    oomointo form on the 1st April 1951.

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