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University, Doctor

An Act to provide for the development of the Sidclha system ot medicine and
,i the registration of practitioners ofSiddlia nledicine iu the Stcrte of Tamil Nadu
.Indfor matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.
Be it enacted by the Legislativt. Aiselnbly of the State of Tanlil Natiu in the
Forty-eighth Year of the Republic of India as follows :-

  1. (1 ) This Act be called the Tanlil Nadu Siddha System of Mt:diciue Short title, extent
    and corilmenoe-
    (~~vel~pinent and Registration 7f Prac’itioners) Act. 19-97.
    (21 1t extends to the whole ot the Sta+eof Tamil N; du.
  2. In tms AC~,unless the context otherwise requires,-
    (1) ”cornmen~e,ent of intS Act”, in relation to any provision of this Aot, aleans the date of the coming into force of that provision; (2) “Cuuncil” means the Tamil Nddu Siddha *Medical Couac~lestablished under section 4; (3) ” Government” means the State Government : (A) “hospital”. “asylutn”, “infirmrrry”, “~!is:)ct~sary”,”1yil:g-i:.-hospital” c~Satori~i~l” Incans an itwtitution where the n1ethoc.s of treatmat is carried
    oqin Sicidha me.’licine and wlich are approved by the Council ;
    (5) #’inember” iileans a member of the Council :~ncl. ir~cludesthe President ;
    (6) “~no~ier nledicine” means ri~odcrnscictitilic riiecti~ineCOIIIIIIOYknown
    as allopatIlic ,ua,,icine in all its branches and includes surgery anu obstetrics but
    does not inclutir: veterinary medicine and surgery ;
    (7) ,,;k~b:;tidir”aie’ins any ;-erso11e-gn,e,’. in the :rc?cti:e of Sictdha tuedi~ine; ;8) “President” means the President of the Coutlcil rominaterl under sub- trcriun (I) of section 6 ; r 9j -‘register” means the register of practitioners maintained under sub sb-Lion(1) of section 19 ; (10) “registered practitioner” nleans a practitio.!er whosc name is for the t,w berng eotereti in the register ; (1) strarmeans the Registrar of the Council appointed undur sud- qectlon (1) of section 15 ;(12) “regplatio:“means the reg,u:cttions made by the Cou! il ul.(.er this
    Act ;
    (13) “rules” ineacs the rulcs mtlrle by the Government UII(.’~’I ti’is iict ;
    (13) “Sche ;ule” l;3ea1s the ScheLuIe to this frct ;
    (15) “Sic dl.a lnedicrl ~nstitutio:” means a1 y college or i- stitution r rovic il’g
    course.; of study or tr~,iirg in Sir’4.h~systenr of niedicil e for rdn;iss; tl-e
    examinations fordegrees, diiplomas, titles or certificates specifiec! in the Schedule ;
    (17) “U:>iversity” 1nca::s any Uriversity in Inc ia est::.blist-c ‘ b) 1,:~t arc!
    havillg n faculty of SiLtiT-a n~edicine.

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