Cocoon, Rearer, Rearing, Silkworm, Silkworm Seed

An Act to provide for the regalation of the prodaction,
supply:and distributiion of silkworm seed in the ‘[State of

  1. (1) This Act may bc called rhe ‘[Tamil Nadu] Silk- shorttitle*
    , .iy2<r$s + $a,%, ..s.:~.
    (2) It extends to the whole of the a[State of Tamil
    *(3) It shall come illto force on such date as
    ment. .
    dried or in any other state op condition ;
    the Government may, by notification, appoint. 4
    worm Seed (Production, Supply an& Mst~ibution)Act
    mulberry silkwotm, tussar silkworms, muga silkwo~ms
    and eri silkworms, either green or stifld, live or pierced,
    (a) ”cocoon” includes cocoon produd by
  2. (1) In this Act, unless the context othe~wiaerequiks– ~einitiom.
    . …

    1These words ware substituted for the word “Madras “bi: the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended y the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws(Second Amendment) Order, 1969.
    apor Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Fort St. George
    Gazette, Part WA,dated the 14th March 1956, page 26.
    Whis ex ression was substituted,far the expression ”State of
    Madras” gythe Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969,
    as’ammded by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amend-
    ment) Order, 1969.
    Deemed to have comu into force on the 1st November>?,~; $6.::c ” . :$f@<7 +% +56-%: – + ?
    111 (
    qd,3″ .#
    i* ‘
    @t”$g…:’ : bx-~lLs-,d –
    3,. +.
    608 Silkworm Seed (Production, I1956 : T.N.
    Supply md Distribution)
    (b) “Director “means the ‘[Director o
    and Commerce, Tamil Nadu] ;
    (c) “Governmentb “means the Stat
    (d) “limnsed buyer ” means a pe
    of a charka establishment or afilature establish
    N-k h, ,
    $$$: ?“, t
    1, ‘
  • I ..
    .ii-* . ‘ ; . g71! ;, t,!%,+.q5 f.1 $2,”‘t” ‘ <;J,5, >
    )’,S# . , ..
    ‘ .. under this Act to purchase silkworm cocoons
    ‘ silk.
    Explan~ztion,,-In this clause “chat:
  • ment ” moans an establishment where silk is
    silkworm cocoox~swith the help of any indi
    vance utilizing manual labour for turning
    direct fire.for heating the wator for cooki
    r cocoons; and “filature establislz
  • ,.
  • ment where silk is reeled from siikworixt cocoons
  • ing power for tnrning the reels and steam for
  • and reeling cocoons;
  • (e) “rearer ” :neans a person ongaged in rearing
  • silkworms for (.heprod~ctiuikul’ ailhworrI cocoons, whether
  • for reproduction or rooling ;
  • (f) c6 maring ” includes operations from
  • incubation of silkworm eggs and brushing of silkworn
  • to the harvesting of cocoons ;
  • (g) “silkworm ” includcs mulberry silkw~~~,
  • tuasar silkworms, m~rgasilkworms and eri silkworms;
  • (h) “silkworm seed ” means silkworm cocoa
  • moths, eggs or young silkworms of whatever description
  • intended used for the purpoaes of reproduction or
  • rearing.
  • ‘(2) If any question ariw whether-


(a) any contrivance is a charka or not ;or

(b) any crop is a cocoon crop or not ;or
(c) any esr2bliWesnt is a Elatilra or n(i\
$This~x~rsssisi w.iG i~lbstitutedfor the expression “Directoror Industries ari, :ummcrce, Madras ”by p,ir;xgrapi, 3 (1) of the Tamil Nad,. Adaptalion of L:lws Order, 1970, wjvhicl~ wiis drnllt I<,
comeinto force on the I4th January 1969.

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