Cottage Industry, Small Scale Industry, Transfer, Village Industry

a Act to regulate State Aid to Industries.
W-S it is expedient to give power to 8[the State Preamble*
Government] to assist in the establishment and
1These words were substituted for the word “Madras” by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the
Tamil Nadu Ada tation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969,
which came into grceon the 14th January 1969.
a ForStatementof Objectsand Reasons, seeFort St.George Gazette
Part IV, dated the 29th August 1922, page 90; for proceedings of the
Council, see Madras Legislative Council Proceedings, Volume IX,
&ted the 14thNovember1922,pages 617-654; forReport of the Select
Committee and the Bill as amended by it, see.Madras Legislative
Council Proceedings, Volume X, Appendix B, pages 1023-1031;
forproceedings of the Council, see ibid, pages 1012-1019; and pages
ThisAct was extended to the merged State of Pudukkottai by
3of,and the First Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu Merged
States(Laws) Act, 1949 (Tamil Nadu Act XXXV of 1949).
This ~ctwas extended to the Kanyakumari district and the Shcn-
mttahtalukof theTirunelvelidistrict by section 3of, and theSchedule
to, the Tamil Nadu (Transferred Territory) Extension of Laws Act,
1957 (Tamil Nadu Act XXII of 1957). repealing the co~responding
law in force in that territory.development of mdusuies in'[the 2(Stateof Tamil
NaW; =( )It is hereby enacted as follows :-

  1. (1) This Act may be calledthe ‘[Tamil Nadu]
    Statc Aid to Industries Act, 1922.
    (2) It extends to the whole of ‘(the ‘[State of
    Tamil NaduD.
    ‘1-A, In this Act-
    ‘[(i) ‘cottage industry’ means an industrial
    business or enterprise carried on in any premises to
    which the Factories Am, 1948 (Central Act LXIII of
    1948) does not apply and includes dairy-farming,
    bee-keeping and keeping a pan1trj-farm;]
    ‘[(i-a) ‘sanctioning authority’ means any autho-
    rity, officer or other person authorized to grant aid
    by or under this Act :3
    ‘[(ii) ‘small-swle induzry’ means an industrial
    business or enterprise the capital invested in which does

not exceed five lakhs of rupe~..]

1 These words were substituted Tor the urords’the Presidency of Madras” by section 2 (i) of the Tzmil h’adu State Aid to Indus- tries (An~endment)Act, 1956 (Tax.: Nadu Act X of 1956). 3 This expression w.1~subititu!d for the expression “State of Madras” by the Tamil Nndu Adap::tion of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the Tami! Nadu Ad~p:irionof Laws (Second Amend- ment) Order, 1969, whtch came into 5rce on the 14th January 1969. 3 The cxpression “and nheresthe ~rzvioussanctionofthe Governor General has been obtained under sstion 80-A of the Government of India Act to the passing of this A::” was omitted by section 2 (ii) of the Tamil Nadu Stare Aid to Intljcries (Amendment) Act, 1956 (Tam’il Nadu Act X of 1956). 4 These words ware substituted for the word “”by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws 0-der, 1969, as amended by the TamilNadu Adaptation of Laws (Stz41nd Amendment) Order, 1969, which came lnto for on the 14th Jauary 1969.
6 These words were substituted f~rthe words “P~,csidcncyof
Madras” by section 2(ii) of the Tsrnil Nadu State Aid to Indus-
t,ries (Amendment) Act, 1956 (T;im:i S.~duAct Xof 1956).
‘This section was inserted by sezion 2 of the Madras Statc Aid
to Industries(Amendment) Act, 1937 (hladrasAct XEIof 1337).
7 This cleuse was substctutcd for tk original clause by section 5 (i)
of the Tamil Nadu State Aid to Industries (Amendment) Act, 1956
(Tamil Nadu Act X of 1956).
1This clause was inserted Ly section 2 (i)of the Tamil Nadu Statc
Aid toIndustriu(Amendmen~)Act,1961(Tamil Nadu Act 14of1961.)

  • Oripinalclause (ii) was renumbed as clause (iii) and the present
    clause (il) was inserted by section 5 Cn7 of the Tamil Nadu State Aid
    to Induetries (Amendment) Act, 1956(Tamil Nadu Act X of 1956).
    ‘1923 :T.N. ~iV] Stnte Aid fa ~n&stries 39
    ‘[(ii-a) ‘transfer’ with all its grammatical varia-
    tions and cognate expressions includes sale, exchange,
    mortgage, charge, lease or gift ;]
    ‘[(iii] ‘village industry’ means any industry
    which forms the normal occupation, whether whole
    time or part time, of any class of the rural population
    of the “State)].
  1. The ‘[State Government] may appoint anyDirectorof
    officer or other person to perform all or any of lhe ~ndustriesand
    functions of the “Director of Industries and Com-
    merce] under this Act.
  2. (1) (a) There shall be constituted1anot Boardmoreof Boardof Industries.
    Industries consisting of ‘[
    than twelve members ~ncMdingthe Chairman and the
    exsfficio members. Not more than three of the mem-
    bers shall be Government officiais.
    (b) One of [he members shall be elected by
    the members for the tinic being of the Madras Cham-
    ber of Commerce; one by the members for the time
    being of the Southern India Chamber of Commeicc;
    one by the members for the time being of the
    Madras Tradcs A~sociation;'[ ] two by the mcm-
    bcss of the 4[Ta~nilNadu SLegisiative Assembly]
    ——- — —
    I This clause was rnscrtcd by scct~on2 (ri) of the Tamil Nadu State.

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