Building, Sanatorium, Sanatorium Area, Sanatorium Local Authority

An Act to provide for the control of the consiructio~
of buildings in the neighbourhood of tabercdosis
sanatoria in the a [State of TamiI Nadu], and for the
exchion, modification or restriction of enast-
ments relating to public health from or In such
WHEREASit is expedient to provide for the control
of the construerion of buildings in the neighhour-
hood of tuberculosis sanatoria in the “State of Tamil
Nadul, and for the exclusion, modification or restric-
tion of enactments relating to public health from or
in such neighbourhood ; It is hereby enacted as
(2) It extends to the whole of the ‘[State of
1These words were substituted for the word “Madras * by tho
Tamil Nadu Ada tation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the
~&lNadu ~daptationof Laws (Second Amendment) Order,..
1947: T3.Act XVI] ~ubercilosisSanatoria 977
(Regul~tionof Buildings)
(3) (a)It shall come into forceat once in respect
,df the tuberculosis sanatoria at I[ 1
‘Tambgramand Perundurai ;and in each case, thisAct
shall apply to the area specified in th notification
issued under the Act by which the san?torium was
governed immediately before the commencement
of this Act.
(b) The 2[State] Government may, by notifi-
cation, apply this Act to any other tuberculosis
sanatorium with effect from such date and in respect
of such area as may be specified in the-notification, ‘
(c) The ZCState] Gdernment may, by ,notifi-
cation, from time to time, alter any area referred
to in clause (a) or specified under clause (b),in such
manner as they think fit.
(d) No place which is not situated within two
miles from auy portion of the boundary of a sana-
torium shall be included in any notificatibn issued in
respect thereof under clause (b) or clause (c).

  1. In this Act, unless fhere is anything repug- Definitions.
    nant in the subject or context,-

(a) a house, outhouse, stable, latrine, godown,
shed, hut, wall (other than a boundary wall not cxceed-
ing eight feet in height) and any other such structure,
whether wholly or partially constructed of masonry,
bricks, wood, mud, inetal or any other material
whatsoever ;
(b) a structure on wheels or simply resting on
the ground without any foundation ;,
(c) a tent, van and any other structure used
for humanhabitation ;
1The word a Madanapalls “was omitted by clause 3 of, and the
Schedule to, tho Madras Adaptabon of Laws prder, 1954.
9 This word was substitotad for the word “Provincial ” by the
Adaptation Ordor of 1950.
123-1 4-62(2) ‘notification ‘ means a noScation in the
Fort St. George Gazette ;
(3) a person shall be deemed “to re-erect a
building” if he-
(a) make any material alteration to, or
enlargement of, a building or
(b) converts into a dwafing place any build-
ing not originally constructed for that purpose, or
(c) converts into two or more dwelling places
a building originally constructed as a single dwelling
place, or
(4converts two or more dwelling places
into a larger number of such places, or
(f? maks any alteration which is likely to
affect preju ticially the stability or safety of a build-
ing, or the condition of a building in respsct of its
drainage, ;a iitation or hygiene, or
(g) fnakes any alteration to a building which
increass !)r liminishes its height or the area covered
by it or th: c~biccapacity thereof, or which reduces
the cubic capacity of any room thorein ;
(4) “sanatorium “means any tuberculosis sana.
torium to which thin Act applies ;
(5) “sanatorium area” means in the case of
any sanatorium, the area to which this Act appliu~
in respect of the sauatorium by virtue of sectxon 1,
subsection (3).

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