Agricultural Year, Conciliation Officer, Gross Produce, Land Owner,
Pannaiyal, Revenue Court

An Act to provide for the improvement of agrarian condi-
tions in the district of Tanjore.
WHERRASinthe district of Tanjore the relations between
landowners and their agents on the one hand and tenants
and farm labourers on ths other hand become strained,
resultinginthedisplacement c.f tenants and the dismissal of
farm labourers and in agrarian crimes and disturbancks 1
4 These words were substituted for the word “Madras ” by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the
‘I’amil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969.
a For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Fort St. George
Gazette Extraordinary, dated the 24th October i.952, Part N-A,
page 129.
Under section 10of the Tamil Nadu Cultivating Tenants Protection
(Amendment) Act, 1956 (Tamll Nadu Act XIV of 1956), if any
providon contained in the TanjoreTenants and Pannaiyal Protection
Act, 1952 (Tamil Nadu Act XIV of 1952) is repugnant to any pre
vision contained in th(: Tatnil Nadu Cultivating Tenants Protection
Act, 1955 (Tamil Nad.u Act XXV of 1955), as amended by Tamil
Nadu Act XIV of 19fi6, the later provision shall prevail and the
former provision shall, to tke extent of the repugnancy, be of no
effect. A similar provision is made in section 16 of the Tamil Nadu
Cultivating Tenants (Payment of Fair Rent) Act, 1956 (Tamil Nadu
Act XMnr of 1956).
In Revenue Department Notification No. 278, published in Part I
of theport St. George Gazette Extraordinary,dated the 1st July 1953,
this&t was extendedtocertain areasin Chidarnb~ramand Cuddalore
taluks in South Arcot district specified below, subject to certain
modificationsof sections 11 and 12 and the omis~i~nof the Schedule
to this Act.
Chidamburam t alu?~.
The whole of Kattumsnnargudi firka, Komaratchi firka, Chidam-
baram West firkas, Chidambaram East firka, Bhuvanagiri firka and
all villages in Setiatope firka except the following twelve villages
lyins to the west of the Vellar Rajan Channel :-
The following six villages in Cuddalore taluk :–
Cuddalore taluk.
Qthalai, VaIayamadevi Mel, Valayamadevi Ki\, Agara Alalabadi
B. Adanur, Porianergunam, Chinnanergunam, Veeramudayanatham
Anaivarl, Thurinjukollai, Nellikollai, Erumbur.
Maruvoi, Arangamangalam, Kalgunam, Budambadi, Adur
Agarm, Kothavachcri.I
Tanjore P~~t~tiuIyir/I Protectit1n [1952; T.N. Act XkV
AND wH~RBA:; tile situation thrcatetncd to carrse cfcteri~a
ration in :igrirulfr~ralproducrio~l
AND WHERBAS th~Tiinjore Tcnarits and Pannaiyal (Pro-
tection) Ordinance, 1952 (1Laa:Jras Ordinaace IV of 1952),
and the Tanjor- Tenants an:! Pannaiyal (Protection)
Amendm-nt Or4inanoe, 1952 (Madras Ordinance V of
1952) ware promulgated by tho [Oovernor of Tamil
Nadu) to meet the ~ituationaforesaid ;
AND WHERBAS with a view to reinovo certain doubts
which had asisel? regarding thc validity of the said
Ordina~uc,c:s,the [Governor oi Tamil Nad~ijaftrr oblain-
ing the initrsctio .:s . f t he Prcsideiit in pursuance cif thl:
proviso to A 3,clause (1) of the Constitution,
promulgated thc Td:q3rc Tenants and Pannaiynl Pro-
tection (No. 2) Oi~dinal~ce, 1952 (Madras Ordinance PI of
1952), which repaled thc said Oi.ilinances and re-enacted
the provisions contaiaed therein ,?

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