Garden Land, Kaiaeruvaramdar, Landowner, Mattuvaramdar

An Act to define the conditions of engagement and to
provide for the protection of kaiaeruvaramdnrs and
mattuvaramdars in certain areas in tho dislsid of
WHEREAS in certain areas of Tiruchirappalli district cer-
tain peculiar kinds of relationship in respect of land called
‘. .kajaeruvaram and mattuvaram are prevalent and whereas the –
uncertainties regarding the incidents of those re!ationship,
have led to frequent disputes between the landowners and
kafaeruvaramdarsand rnattu~tamdan,leading to unsettled
conditions and breaches of peace and causinq fall in agri-
cultural pioduction ;
3These wo;ds were cubstituted for the word “Madras by the
Tamil Nadu Adapti tion of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969.
$For Statcmentof Objebts and Reasons, see Fort St,George Gazette,
Extraordinary, dated the 9th September 1958, Part IV-A, pages 435 to
TMSAct was extended to Mayanoor, Manavasi and Renganatha-
villages in the Kulitalal taluk of the Tiruchirappalli district
2 of the Tiruchirappalli lhiaeruvaram acd EAattuvaram
(Extention of Application) A?t, 1964 (Tamil Nadu Act 9 of 1964) which
wag deemed to have come ,Into force on the 1st April 1964, subject
to the following modifications :–•
(i) for the expressions “COTT]MenCemW’ltof this Act ” and “date
ofthe commencment of this Act ” wherever they occur, the cxpres-
don “1st April IF64 ” shall be substituted.
ii) for the expressions ” 1st day of-April1959 ” in sub-section
(3) 0\ the section 1, “1st January 1.957 ” in section 5, “1st January
1957 in sub-sections(1)and (2) ofsection 8 and “1955-5ti or 1956-37 ‘
in sub-s~ctions(1,) and (2) of Secti~n9, the expressions “1st day of
April 1964 ” ,”1st January 1960, 1st .hn~ary1960 ” and ”196061
,, 1961-62″ shall resp:ctinly be susbstitutmi.+
1100 ~iruchira~palli [I958: T.N.Act Xaf
~ai~~rbvaram and Mattuvaram
ANDWHEREAS it is expedient to define the conditions
of engagement and to provide for the protection of
kaiapruvararndars sodmattuvoraddo~sin ceitain areas in the !
district of Tiruchirappalfi ;1
BEit enacted in the Ninth Year of the Republic of India
as follows :-
Short titie, 1. (1) This Act rnay be called the Tiruchirappalli
extent and Kajaeruvaram and MaftuvararnAct, 1958.
(2) ~t to the viltqges iothe district of Tiruchirap ‘
pLli specified in the schedule.
(3) ~tshall come into force on the 1st day of April


water from wells or other sources ; .
‘ 2 In this ~ct,un~~i the iontext otherwise requires,-‘
( “garden land ‘9n&ins dry land irrigated by lifting :
by alandowner to do loughing and watering operatiom or
ploughing operation a one on a land for remuneration for
such work by a share in the crop on the land in respect of
(b)”kaiarrurorumda .’ means any person ‘engaged,, I I .
which such work .
isdone or,by payment of a fixed quantity

of paddy or by both such hare Iand payment.
((9 b6 landowner 99 in relation to a kaiaeruvaramddr df
. ma~tuvara;l,da~means the owner of a laad who has engaged
the kajaeruvar’ mlhr orthe mattuvaramdar and includes any
persm derivirg ~nyright from such Owner in respect 4- f
‘ shall have the .
that lad;
. 8.
words were substituted foi the word “Madra. ” by thC I
msclawwas iuserted by section4 (i) of the Tamil Nadu Tenancy.
same mea& as in clause(29)’of ~ection3 of the ‘Famil
Land\eforms (Fixation of Ceiling on Land) AG~,:
Nadu Act 58 of 1961)1 .11&9. of the ked.Forces .
(Amkndment) Act, 1965 (TadNadu Act 9 of 1965)-
TamilNaduAdaptation of Laws Order, 1969,das amendedb?th!? Tad\ % ,
*duAdaptation ~aws Amendment) Order, 19.

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