City of Tirunelveli, Corporation, Council, Municipality, Scheduled Castes and
Scheduled Tribes

ACT No. 28 OF 1994.
An Act to provide for the establishment of a Mzmiczpal Corporation jor title City of
BE ~tenacted by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Tamil Nadu in the Forty-
fifth Year of the Republic of India as follows:-
(2) It extends to the City of Tirunelveli.
(3) It shall come into force on such aate, as the Government may, by
notification, appoint.

  1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
    (a) “City of Tirunelveli ” or “City ” means the local area cornpriscd
    In the Tirunelveli Municipality and includes any local area which after the date of
    the ct3mmencernent of this Act, is included in the City but dces not include any
    local area which after such date of the commencement is excluded from the City;
    (b) “Corporation ” means the Municipal Corporation of Tirunelveli con-
    sti~utcdunder section 3 :
    (c) “Council” meaos the Municipal Council of Tirl;r.elveli ;
    (d) “date of the conlmencement of this Act” means the date appointed
    under sub-section (3j of section 1.
    (e) “Government ” means the State Government ;
    ) “Municipality” means the Tirunelveli Municipality ;
    r that the nower to issue a notification under this sub-section
    “Scheduled Castes” and “Scheduled Tribes” shall have the meanings,
    assigned to them in clauses (24) and (25) of Article 366 of the
    With effect on and from the date of the commencement of this Act,
    maincluded in the Tirunelveli Municipality shall constitute the City of
    of Mnniclpa
    Corporatfon ,
    for the City
    of Tiraoelveli.
    Definitions. ‘ ~
    Short title,
    extent and
    mmencemmt.(3) The Tirunelveli Muniapaiity, f unniofhg imdi&~ ihc
    ot the commencement of this Act, shall bo deemed to have been abol~shedfrom
    such commencement.
  2. Tile municipal authorities charged with carrying out the provisions of this .
    Authorities. Act shall be,- , .
    (1) a council ;
    (2) a standing committee ; .. 3 ,
    (3) a commissioner ;and
    (4) a wards committee.
    Constitution of 5. (1) Save as otherwise provided in sub-section (2), the council shall consist of
    ‘counoil. sucl~numlmr of coui~cillorsclcctcd in the manper laid down in t.his Act as may be

< .-
total number of councillors of the.council , shall not exceed seventy-two ,- .
atz any timo.

  • ..
    (2) The following persons shall also be represented in the council, namely :-
    (a) not more than two persons who are not less than twenty-five years of
    age an6 who have special knowledge or experience in municipal adyinistration, .. . to
    . .
    the Council of States registered as electors within the area of the corporation ;
    Provide6 that the persod nominated under this clause shall not have the right
    to vote in th~meetings of the council ;:
    (b) the members of the House of the People representing conitituiiicin
    wl~icllcomprise wholly or partly the area of the corporation and the memFrs of
    be-~omi~stedby the Government ,
    ‘(c) as nearly as possible one-13th of the members of the State Legis-
    Iative Assembly representing constituencies which comprise wholly or partly the
    area of the corporation to be npminated by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
    by rotation every year:
    Provided that while nominating such members by rotation, the Speaker of the
    Legislative Assemnbly, shall ensure that as far as possible all the members repre-
    sesting constituencies whkh comprise wholly or partly the area of the corporation
    are given an opportunit) of being represented in the council atleast once during
    the duration of the council ;
    (61) the Chair-persoa of the committee, if any, constituted and if they
    are not councillors.
    (3) Seats shall be reserved for the persons belonging to the Scheduled
    Castes and the Scheduled Tribes in the council and the number of seats so reserved
    shall bear, as nearly as may be, the same proportion to the total number of seats to
    be filled bs direct election in the council as tae population of the Scheduled Castes
    in tlie City or of the Scheduled Tribe
    the City : . .. l.
    Provided that for the first elect
    commencement,of.this Act, the pro
    published ‘inrelation to 1991 census
    City as., .I, as~rtainedin that census. .
    and the Scheduled Tribes, froni’among
    to the Scheduled Castes and tl-.eScheduled
    third of the total number of
    SrheduledaCastes an4 .

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