City of Tiruppur, Corporation, Council, Municipality, Scheduled Castes and
Scheduled Tribes

The following Act of Lhe Tarn11 Nadu!Ac,:,c?it)ly~cL(‘Iv(\O It~c:~x~;ctntof the Govcrnc)r on the? 19th Fcl)ru.~ry2008 ;~ncl I:; i~crc?l)y~)l)l~sl,,~(l 101 ~JOIIC~~II
AST No. 7 OF 2008
An Act to provide for the establishment of a Municipal Corporation
for the city of Tiruppur.
BE it enacted by the Leglslatrve Assembly of the State of Tam11Nadu In the F~fty-n~nthYear
of the Republic of lndra as follows:-

  1. (1) Th~sAct may be called the Tiruppur Clty Munic~palCorporatron Act. 2008
    (2) It extends to the city of T~ruppur.
    (3) It shall be deemed to have come Into force on the 1st day of
    January 2008.
    Short title.
    extent and
    Defin~tions. 2. (I)In t+is Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
    (a) ‘city o; Tlruppur” or “clty” means the local .,.? comprised in the
    ~iiuppurmunicipality and Includes any local area whlch, after the date of the
    commencement of thrs Act, IS included in the c~tybut does not Include any local
    area which, after such date of the commencement of th~sAct IS excluded from
    thk city,
    (b)’co~poration”means the mun~cipalcorporatron of T~ruppurconstl’uted
    under sect~on3; .
    (c) “council” means t’\e councrl of munlc~palcorporat~onof rrruppur;
    (d)”date of the commencement of thls Act” means the date spec~f~ed
    under sub-section (3) of section 1,
    (e) “Government” means the State Government;
    (f) “municipal counc~l”means the munlc~palcouncll of Tlruppur Mun~cipal~ty;
    (g) “mun~c~pal~ty” means the Tiruppur Munlc~pality;
    (h)”Scheduled Castes” and “Scheduled Trlbes” shall have the mc?anlngs.
    respectively, ass~gnedto them in clauses (24) and (25) of Aril~le366 of the Const~tut~ori
    (2) All words and expressions used in thls Act and not deflned but deflned
    in the Coimbatore City Mun~c~pal Corporat~onAct, 1981 (hereloafter referred to as Tam11Nadu
    the 1981 Act), shali have the meanings, ~espectrvely,ass~gnedto them 111 tile 1961 Act 25 of
    Or the ‘lty Of
    jtablishment 3. (1) With effect on and from the date of the commencement of th~sAct, the
    )f munlclpal local area ~ncludedIn the Tlruppur munlc~pal~tyshall constrtute the clty of T~ruppur

;orporatlOn for the purposes of thls Act and from such date of the ccmmencernc?nt of th~sAct.

a munlclpal co porntron shall be deemed to have been cstablrshed for the said city
by the name of Tlruppur C~tyMunlcrpal Corporatlon
Provlded that the Government may, from t~n?eto tlme, alter consultation with
the corporatlnn, by not~flcat~on, alter the lllnrts of tne crty consntuled under th~ssub-
section so as to lnclude there~nor to exdude tht>refrorn Ihe areas speclfled In the
Provlded further that the power to issue a notification under thls sub-section
shall be scrbjcct to prevlous publi~atron
(2) The corporatron shall, by the sard name, be a booy corporate, havlnq
perpetual succession and a common seal w~thpower to acqulre, hold arid d~spose
of property and to enter Into contracts and may by its corporate name sue and
(3) The Tlruppur rnunlcrpal~ty,functroning immedrately before the date
the commencement of th~sAct, shall be deemed to have been abolished from such
date of the cornmcncement of this Act.
4 The municipal authorities charged wlth carrying out the provisions of this Act Municipal
shall be,—
(1) a council;
(2) a standing committee;
(3) a wards committee; and
(4) a commissioner.
1111 Nadu
! 25 of

  1. (1) Save as otherwise provided in sub-section (2), the council shall conslst Constitutionof
    of such number of counc~llorselected in the manner laid down In this Act as may council.
    be fixed by the Government, by notification, from time to time, so, however, that
    the total number of counciliors of the council shall not exceed seventy-two at any

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