Agricultural Marketing Society, Consumers Society, Credit Society, Co-
Operative Bank, Co-Operative Land Development Bank, Dividend, Financing
Bank, Farming Society, Federal Society, Firm, General Society

I. Short title, extent and commencement.

  1. Definitions.
  2. Registrar.
  3. Societies which may be registered.
  4. Registration with limited or unlimited liability.
  5. Conditions of registration.
  6. Power to exempt societies from conditions as to registration.
  7. Application for registration.
  8. Registration.
  9. Evidence of registration.
  10. Power of Registrar to decide certain questions.
  11. CIassification of societies.
  12. Amendment of bye-laws of society.
  13. Power to direct amendment of bye-laws.15. Change of name.
  14. Change of liability.
  15. Amalgamation, transfer, division or conversion of Societies.
  16. Power to direct amalgamation, division and reorganisationin public
    interest, etc.
  17. Reconstruction of societies.
  18. Partnershipof societies.
  19. Cancellation of registration.
    Members and their rightsand liabilities
  20. Persons who may become member.
  21. Open membership.
  22. Nominal and sympathiser member.
  23. Cessarion of membership.
  24. No rights of membership to be exercised till due payments are made.
  25. Voting powers of members.
  26. Restrictions on holding of sl~ares.
  27. Restrictions on transfer or charge on share or interest.
  28. Transfer of interest on death of member.
  29. Shareorinterestnotliabletoattachment.Sections
  30. Rights of members to see books etc.
  31. Liability of past member and estate of deceased member.
  32. Insolvency of members.
  33. Expulsion of members.
  34. Disqualification for membership.
  35. Liability of members.
    Incorporation,duties and privileges of societies
  36. Societies to be bodies corporate.
  37. Address of societies.
  38. Register of members.
  39. CopyofAct,etc.,tobeopentoinspection.
  40. Exemprion from compulsory registration of insrruments relaling to
    shares and debentures of society.
  41. Power to exempt from taxation.
  42. Restrictions on borrowings.
  43. Regulation of loan making policy.
  44. Restrictions on other transactions with non-members.
  45. Charge and set-off in respect of share or interest of member.Sections
  46. Prior claitn of society.
  47. Charge on immovable properv of members borrowing from cer-
    tain societies.
    5 1. Deduction from salary to meet society’sclaim in certain case.
    Governmentaid to Societies
  48. Partnership of Governmenr in societies.
  49. Liability to be limited in respect of shares purchased by government.
  50. Other forms of Government aid to societies.
  51. Provisions of this chapter to override other laws.
    Property and funds of Societies
  52. Funds not to be divided among members.
  53. Appi-opriationof Profits.
  54. Reserve fund.
  55. Restrictions on dividend.
  56. Contribution ro educational fund of the federal society notified the
    6 Contriburion topublicpurposes.
  57. Investment of funds.
    G3. Employees’ provident fund,

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