Bhoodan Yagna, Landless Person, Tahsildar

to atnend the litta~Pradc.>lz BKooclnn l’agnn Act, 2952
IT IS I-IERERI- enacted in the Twenty-sixth Year of the Republic of India
as follo~vj:-

  1. This Act may be cilllecl lllc Uttar Pradesh Bhoodan Yagna (Amend- Short title.
    menc) Act, 1975.
  2. In section 9 of the Uttnr Pradeslr Blloodan I’agtla Act, 1952 (hereinafter Amendment of
    Act X of 1953.
    Amendment of
    section 11.
    referred to as the principal Act), affo. clause (a), the following clause sliall be
    zlzsej~ted,nainely :-
    “(nu) give notice of the same to the colicerned Caon Sabha.”
  3. I11 section 11 of the principal Act-
    (i) in sub-section (21, lo?.tlle r~ords”the Gaon Panchayat concerned”
    the words “tile conccrncct Gnou S;\blln” sl~alll)c ~z~b~litut~d ;
    (ii) af ie~sub-section (5). the following sub-sections shall be inseri~d,
    namely :-
    “(6) Any person agy-ie~ertbj an orcle~of the Talisildar under
    this section may, tsithl11t1lil.t~’days lroin the dale of the order, prefer
    an appeal against it to the Cotlector and the decision of the Collector
    on such appeal shall be final.
    (7) The po~e~tocoi~finnoi. supersecte a Bhoodan declaration
    under this section shall inclucle the power to confilm or supersede the
    same ~vhollyor in part.”
  4. ?’!le esisting sectinn 1.2 ol tllc Principal Act slrnll be ~e-nlrttlbcrccl oL, Amendment of
    cscilorl 14.
    ~.~li,-\ci-~icrn (1) thereof, and-
    (n) in sub-ser~toll(1) as so !e-nrrrnbel-ed,for the ~vortls”lanclless pcr-
    sons”, the ~vortls”l;l~ldl5 ;tg~ic~ll~i<~l Iaf)orer~” sllnll 1~cszrbstitz~tecl; (6) (liici suij-section (1) ac <.orc-numl~crccl,tlie lollo~villgsub-sections ailcl Imn;ittce or otller ;~lltliorityor person as afore- said lails to glailt any land in accortlnnce tvitli su11-section (1) withill a pcriocl ot tll~ecyears from the date of vcsting ot such land in the coin~nitteeor from the clntc of cominenccrnent of the Uttar Praciesli 15hoodan Yagna (Amelldment) Act, 1975, wliichever is later, the Collector may llirnself grant such land to the landless agricultural labourers in the manner prcscriI)ccl, artd tllcvcupotl the grantee shall acquire the rights ancl liabilities ~nclltiolledin sub-section (1) as if tile grant were made by the con~mittecitsell. (39 Notwitlatailding anytiling rontaincd in tile Uttar Ptadesl~ Zaminclari Abolition ancl Land Reforms Act 1950, no person acyuir- ing the rights ancl liabilities of a sirdnr under sub-section (1) or datcd March 1, 19751. (Passed Hindi by the Uttac. Pradesb Legislative Asscnlbly on February 28, 1975 and by (he LA – IJttar Pradesh Legislative Courcll on March 19, 1975. (Received tile Assent of the Goverl!or on March 26,1975, under Article 200 of the Constitution of India and was published In the Uttar Pradesh Gazette, Extra ;rdBlur.v, dated h4arch 29, 1975.) _- — – — ... e_l__l – – – +[For Statement of 0b~e~t.sand Rea30ns, plcase scc Uttcrr Pmdcsh C~zettc,E.utuaorclinnu,\ui~-scciion(2) slrall be cntitlcci to acquire bhlrmirlhal-i rights unaa tile said Act in rcrpcrt ol t lie i:incl graorcd or dcemcd to i)c grnlitrc! uilder this Act. (4) In rnakiug gr;ult ol laricl ullder this section, the colnnlittee or otiler authority or person as ::ioicsaid or tlic Collector, as the casc may be, sllali observc tile I”ol!owing principies :- (a) At least f~ftyper cent ol ihe land available for grant si~ali be gianteci to persons belonging to the Schecluled Castes, Sche- duled Tribes and persons belonging to the Iiol, Pathaui, Khairwar, 12aif;a, OI-iarikar, Panika and Gond Tribes and such other tribes as the State Government on the recommendation of the Committee may notify in this behalf; (b) The land situate in one village shall, 3s far as possi61~, be granted lo persons residing in that very village. Ex~lanation-For the purposes of this section, the expression ‘.landless agiicultural labourer” means a peison ~vhosemain source of livelillood is agiicultmal labour or cultivation ailcl who at tllc relevant time eilller holds no land or holds land not exceeding 0.434GS5G4 llectnres (one acre)
    in Uttar Piacleall as a ~IILUP~LCI;~::~, J~I(Ec~~,nsnr!~ioi GoverllmL:nt icssee.”
  5. Alter section 15 ol the principal Act, the following new section shall be
    Insertion of new
    section 15-A.
    ~?ISCI.~CC~, namely :-
    “15-A, (1) The Collector may ol his own’ motion and shall on tlle
    Coll~eliatlon of lellOrt of tile comliii~teeor on the appIicatioii of any
    certain gtsnt 1xrs011 aggrieied by tile grant of any land made uncler
    section 14, urhetller before 01 alter the tomniellceiileilt of tlie Uttar Pradesh
    1311ooclan Yagna (Amendment) Act, 1575, inquire into such grant, and
    ii he is satisfied that the glazt wda iilqular or was obtained by the
    grantee by misrepiesentation or ilaud, he may-
    (i) caucel tlte gl’int, 2nd ,oil ~LLL~Ici~,l!dii~n, I~OLW~L!~S!;II; anytlling containecl ill section 14 or in any other law ior the time being in lolcc, the lights, ii~l~, dircl irlieiesL 01 the grantee or any pelson claiming through lllm in such lmci ;iidll cease, and the land shall revent to tlic cornillitlee ; and (ii) direct delivery of possession of such land to the committee after ejeclnlent 01 e\ ery pelson Iroliling or i etaining posseision thereol, and may ior that purpose use or cause lo be uvctl sucll iorce 35 may be necessary. (2) Koticc 01 eicry proceeciing u~iclcrsub-section (I) shall be given to tile conl~iitce, and ;lily reprcsctttation m:trlc by t!ic committee in re]atioll tlxerclo shall be taken into cosidolationby tl~eCollector.
    (3) No orclcr shall be passcci under sub-scction (1) except after giviag
    an opportunity of being hca.r:I to the glantee or any person known to
    the Collector to be claiming uncler him.

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