Private Medical College, Affiliation, Graduate, Post Graduate, Training and
Research, Medical Education

‘Utmr Pradesh Adhiniyam Sankhya 13 of 2003) as passed by the Uttar Pradesh Legislature and assented to
by the Governor on December 16,2003.
(U.P. ACT NO. 13 OF 2003)
[As parsed by the Utlar Praciesh Legislature ] . AN ACT YO nrrtend the [Ittar BradesL Chktrapati Shahuji Maharaj hfediml UniverL~iey Act, 2W2.
1T PS FIEREBY enacted in the Fifty-fourth Year of the Republic of India
I, This Act may be called the Uttar Pradesh Chhatrapati Shal~uji Malzaraj Short title
Medical University (Second Amendment) Act, 2003.

  1. In Ltle Uttas Pradesh Chhatragati Shahuji ‘Rilaharaj Medical University General mendAce, 2002, hereinafter referred to as the principal Act, for the words mnent In U.P. hct
    “”ltlias Psadesh Dhhawapati Shahuji Naharaj Medical University” wherever occurring no. 8 of 2002
    inclurlirag heading and long title the words “King George’s Medical L7niversiey”
    shall k substitrtred.
    3 1.t &.~.-rirl:i 11 of 3ne principal Act after clabasc (xvii) t?k folllowihag kinenbment of
    clause shall Ire iwrncd, rzrtnncly :- section I I
    “‘(xviii) to admit any Government or private Medical College to tile
    privileges of affiliation or recognition in such manner and on such terms and
    cundidons as may he prescribed and to withdraw or currail any such privilege,
    and to guide and control the work of such college”.
    Various organisations are demanding for changing the name of “Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj
    Medical University, ~6cknow” by the ”Ki~lg George’s Medical University Lueknow”. In the support of the
    said demand it has been argued that the Fing George’s Medical College has its reputntion na only at
    provincial or nationd level but also at the itrternational level for the last 95 years in the field of medical
    educabion, trairling and rese~xch. l%e said Medical College has pfoduced scholars and great doctors a:
    laztemadonal levcl. RPC graduate md post gradusre doctors who have studied faom sJd mcc%icah soliege
    arc wenking even now 8 days in various foreign countries such as htmerdca, Canada, A.cgs&&Ia, OrgIm.Etd,
    Newzealand, South -%Frica eec. anad are mainMining their reputation in the field of medicaE edr?catinta.
    Consideaing the demand of dls said organizations it has been decided to mend the Ulw RdesBa Chl~alrwaG
    Shahuji Maizxaj Medical University Act, 2002 to change the name of “‘Ciillaauapad Shahaji Md~araj
    Medical Univenily, Lucksow” by Lhe ‘King George’s Medical University, Lucknow”. It has also ken
    decided to mend &e said Act to eemwwer be said Uarivesity to addit my Govemtnent or p~vate Medic&
    College to the privileges of affiliation or recognition.
    The Utiar Radesb Chbaurapati Shhuji Mdlaraj Medical University (Second Aanendment)
    BLIP, 2033 is in&Foducc$ accordingly.

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