Payment of Court Fees in Cash, High Court, Judicial Stamp, Clerk

to provide for payment of court fees payable under the Court Fces Act, 1870,
in cash in certain circumstances
IT IS HEREBY enac~edin the 7went)–sixth Year of the Republic of India
as follows :-

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Uttar Pradesh Court Fees (Payment Short title an:
    in Cash) Act, 1975.
    (2) It extends to the whole of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. After section 25 of the Court Fees Act, 1870, the following section shall
    be inserted, namely :-
    “25-A. (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in section 25, in case
    Insertionof neb
    section 25-A in
    Act no. 7 of 1870.
    of temporary shortageVof court fees stamps of requirctl
    denominations, the court fee due on a document not
    Payment of
    Court fees in cash.
    exceeding fifty rupees, may be paid in cash to such suboiciitlarc oliicci-
    or clerk of the High Court or oC tlie subordinate court or of tl:e autf~c~; It7
    or officer receiving the document, as may be specified I)-y such coult, auti~o-
    rity, or officer, and such subordinate officer or clerk’ sllall gi-alrt n ieccipt
    for the same which slzall be xfusecl on the document concern^^!, ant1 bit~j)
    affixation shall have the same effect, as if the court fee ol tllai alnoual ?I,I\
    been duly paicl in accordance wit11 this Act.
    (2) The clerk or the oficer receiving the cash in lieu of the court icc
    shall deposit it as revenue from judicial stamps uncler the lleacl “0-30.
    Stainps and Registration Fees” in the treasury or the bank, as tile case
    may be.
    (3) The State Government may by general order make rule? rcgarcling
    the maintenance of accounts of tire ainount so paid in ccld!,
    -14) The rules and orders relating to punching ant2 cancellation oT
    caul I. fee stamps sllLlrll?nrllntir 117 ti1{1ndj(apply in rel;riion to 1:- I cccipt
    referred to in sub-section (1).
    (5) In the case or couit fee tlile ana clocument exce:_.tlinqfi! tv I tlpecs,
    it may, in like circuz~stances,be pa;cl in cail~into the tuea5ulj (i1ic1~tJ.11,;
    a sub-treasury) ,ancl on such payment, the officer-in-cllarge oC tllc llciisirl)
    shall certify by endorsement on the cloctuuent, the amount of coutt !ec
    so paid in cash, and such endorsement shall have the sanlc effect as if
    the court fee has been duly paicl in accordance witlt this Act.”
  3. (1) The Utlar Pradedl Court Fees (Payment in Cash) Ortlinante, 1075, Repcal and
    — —– —
    of 1975.
    (2) Niotwithstanding such repeal anything done or a nyaction taken unclcr
    the said Ordinance shall be deemed to have been clone or taken ~inclel.this
    Act as if this Act had come into force on january 31, 1975.

  • U. P.
    %dint”ce is hereby repealed.
    (Passed in Hindi by the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly,’on February 25, 1975.
    and by the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council on March 12, 1975).
    (Received the Assent of the Golernor on March 23, 1975 under Article 200, of the
    Constitution of India and was published in the Uttur Pradeslz Gazette Extruordinrvy. dated
    March 25, 1975.)

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