Land Revenue, Bhumidhars, Sirdar, Jot Bahi

to provide for the preparation of and supply to Bhumidhars and Sirdars in
respect of their holdings an extract called Jot Bahiand for matters connected
IT rs REB BY in the Twenty-first Year of the Republic of India as
fo~~ows :-

  1. This Act may hcalled the Uttar Ptadesh Land Revenue (Amend- short ti& t
    rntnt) Act, 1970.
  2. In section 33 of the U. P. Land Revenue Act, 1901, a/er sub-*tion &T3~E&f
    (3), the following sub-sections shall be inserted namely :-
    “(4) Every time an annual register is prepared under sub-section (I),
    the Collector shall, as soon as may be after its preparation, cause to
    be prepared and supplied to every person recorded as bhurniJhar or sirctnr
    U.P. Act no. 3
    of 1901.
    prescribed :
    a pass book, to be called the Jot Brihi, which shall contain such extracts –
    from the annual register relating to all holdings of which he is so recorded
    (either sosolely or joictly with others) and in such manner and on payment
    of such tke, which shall bz realisable as arrears of revetlue, as may be
    Provi&dthat in the else of j3int 11Adings it shatl be sufficient for the
    purposes of this sub-section if the Jot Bahi is supplied only to such one
    or more of the remrded co-sharers as may be prescribed.
    Explumtion–The Jot Blhi shall bs a consolidxted pass book for slrdari
    as well as bh~midhariholdings of a tenure-holder.
    (5) Until a new annuat register has bsen prepared under sub-mion
    (I), every suck person shall be entitled, without payment of any extra
    fee, to get any amendments made in the annual register under sub-section
    (2) incorporated in his Jot Bdti.
    (6) The State Government may make rules to carry out the purposes
    ‘of this se:tion, including, in particuiar, rules prescribing the mode of
    reption in evidence, and of proof in iudicial proceedings, of entries in
    the Jot Rahi, and the mode of its revision and authentication up-to-date
    and for issuz of duplicate copies thereof. and the fees, if any, to bz charged

for any of the said purposes.

  • hereby repeabd.
    (7) In this szction, ‘prewribad’ mezns prercribed by rules made by the
    State Government.
    (8) Nothing in sub-%:tion3 (4) to (7) shatl apply in relation to any ama
    which iseither under o~nsolidationopxations or under record owations.”
  1. The Uttar Pradesh Land Revehue (Ahendmat) Ordinance, 1970 is
    Of p-
    OtbiW no.3
    af 1970.
    Price 05 Paise.
    [ForStatement of Objectsand Reasons, @case sse Uttar Pradesh Gazette (Extraordinary), dated March 16, 19701. (Passed in Hindi by the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly on March 12, 1970 and by the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council on March 21, 19701. (~eceivedthe Assent of the Governor on March 31, 1970 under Artide200, of theanst;-‘ tution of lndta and was published m theuttar Pradesh Gamtk(Entraordinary),dated April 2, 1970). &vo50 8- dto 83 (D- 1970– 1,90 2 ($0 ).-(U. P;Aol NO.23 OF .1992)
    [As pbsed by the U.I.. Lcgis2&ture]
    un&Revmw Act, 1901.
    of any extra fee, to get any amendment made in the annua?.
    register under sub-section (2) incorporated in his Kbm
    Bahi (Pass book).”
    (71) in sub-section (61, for the words “Jot Bahi (Pass book)”,
    the words “Risan Bahi (Paes book)” shall be mbstittcted.

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