Examination Centre, Public Examination, Unfair Means, Examinee

?Sopeisoll who is entrusted wi; h mywcrk p=sta:ntng ro public examina-
Gc?nshall, except where he is pernlitteci by +hueof bis duties so to do, directly
or indirectly divulge or cause to be divulged or make known to my other person
any inforn~ationor part thereof which bs come to his knowjedge by virfw
of the work bsing so enrusted to him,

  1. Whoever contravenesor attemptsta contraveneor abetsthe contravention
    -fthe OV~S~GGS of section 3 or seciion 4 or secti~n5, shdi be punished witb imprisonment for a term which may extend KOone year or with fine which may extend to two thousand rupees or lib boti~. Prena~nof
    $&ageby ma
    artrusted 3
    exmi nation


~~mtp. for 7. Whoever commits an offence puaishabje under ration 6 having made
men* mth Pic-
ptcpdration for, causing death of any person or causing hurt to any person as
wsadting any person or for wrongfuTUIIy restrainingany person or for putting any
person in fear of death or hurt or assault or wrongful restraint shall be punished
witb impaisonn~eritfor a tesn which may extend to three years or witb fine
which may extend to five thousand rupees or with both.

  1. An offence. punishable under Ws Act stall be,-
    (a) cognizable and non-bailable;
    (b) tried summarilyby a hletropolitan Magistrate or a Judicial Magis-
    ;trate of the first class and tFc ~rcvieicnsof sub-section (1) of section 262,
    i: section 263, section 264 and section 265 of the code of Criminal Pnxe-
    c due, 1973 shall mutatis mulandlJ apply to such summary trid.
    ~deaion at: 9. No suit, prosecution or other legal proceedingshal! lie against the State
    action >akeb in Government or any person for anything whichisin good farth done or intended
    faah to be done under this Act or the rules made thercnader.
    f 10 The State Government, may. by notification,lncludeh the~chedke,
    any other examination, in respect of which it considers necessary to apply the
    provisions of this Act and apon the publication of such notificatloa
    in the gazette the Schedule shall be deemed to be amended accordingiy.
    Repeal and
    Power to makc If, The State Government may by notification,*makc rules for carrying
    P- to *mad
    out the purposes of this Act.
    12 (1) The Uttar Ptadmh Public Examinations(Preventio~ . * of UnfairMeans] nawo
    -iOrdinance, 1992 is hereby repealed.
    (2) Notwithstanding such repeal, any thing done or any-actiontaken undw
    the nrovisions of theOrdinance refened to in sub-section (1) shall be deemed
    to &ve bwn done or taken under tbis Act as if the provisions of this Act were
    in force at ail material times.

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