Universities, Affiliated or Associated College, Principal, Dean, Head of the
Department, Degree Colleges

(U.P.ACTNO.29 OF 1974),
+Authoritative English Text of the Uttar Pradesh Vishwavidyaluya (Punah
Adhiniyaman tatha Sanshodhan) Adhiniyam, 19743
to repeal the Uttar Pradesh State Universities Act, 1973 and to re-enact the
same with certlrin modifications and to further amend the Uttar Pradesh’
Ag-ficultural University Act, 1958.
ITIS HEREBYenacted in the Twenty-fifth Year of the Republic of India as
follows :-

  1. This Act may tie called tbe Uttar Pradesh Universities ‘(Reenactmegt Short title.
    and Amendment) Act, 1974.
  2. The Uttar Pradesh State Universities Act, 1973 (hereinafter in this Repeal and re-
    (3lapter retdto as the principal Act), is hereby repealed and reacted enactment with
    no. 10 of 1973.
    modifications ~resldent’s Act of
    with the modifications set out in sections 3 to 18.
    Statement of Objects and-Reasons,plwsee Uttar~radeshGazette ~wtraordinary,
    dated July 31, 1974.)
    (Passed in Hindi by the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly on August 7, 1974, and passed
    with amdmentby the Uttar Pradesh .Legislative Council on August 17, 1974, which was
    approved bythe Uttar ~radeshLegislat~veAssembly onAugust 21,1974.)
    (received the-assent of the president ,on September 22, 1974, under Article 201 of the
    anstituti~nof Endia and was published In the Uttar Pradesh Gazette Extruordi110ry, dated
    September 25,1974.)
    Price 45 n. p.2
  3. In the title of the principal actAn, the words ”Enact& b;y the pmih
    Amendment of
    ‘”ble. and in the Year of tbe Republic of India” shall be omitted, and for of the existing preamble, the war “It is hereby enacted as fdoWsv
    shdl ~r&
    section 1.
    4* In section 1 of the pri~palAC~,in sub-senion (4), clause (q).~1
    be omitted.
    Ameodmnt of 5. In WX~W2of the principal Act-
    section 2.
    [@)’ in thust! (4), f# the words “this Act” the words “this xa &
    the Statutes of the University” shall be substituted;
    ‘(ii) in clause (la), for the words “by the University or by a consti-
    tuents afliliated or associated college for imparting instruction or *id-
    ing or conducting research”, the words “for imparting instruction or
    guiding or conducting research in the University or in an Institute or
    in a constituent, amiated or associated college9’shall be substituted.
    Amendment of 6. In section 4 of the principal Act, after sub-section (1) ,the following
    Section 4.
    sub-sections shall be inserted, namely :-
    “(1-A) With effect from such date or dates as the State Government
    may by notification in the Gazette appoint in this behalf, there shall be
    (a) a University of Bundelkhand at Jhansi ;
    (b) a University of Avadh at Faizabad ;and
    (c) a University of Rohilkhand at Bareilly ;
    for the areas respectively specified in the Schedule.
    (I-B) Ila relation to the Universities ro be established under aub-
    section (I-A) –
    (a) the State Government shall appoint interim officers of the
    Universities (other than the Chancellor) and shall constitute interim
    authorities of such Universities in such manner as it thinks fit;
    (b) the officers appointed and members of the authorities consti-
    tuted under clause (a) shall hold office for a term of two years Eom
    the date of such appointment or constittztion, as the case may be ;
    (c) the State Government shall take steps for the appointment
    of officers and c,onstitution of authorities of sucIz Universities in
    accordance with the provisions of this Act, so that the same may
    be completed belore the expiry of the respective terms ol the interim
    oificess and members under clause (b) .”
    Lmendment of 7. In section 13 of the principal Act, in sub-section (4), for the words
    secticn 13. and figures “under section 10”, the rvords and figures “under sections 10 and
    68″ shall be substituted.
  4. In section 17 of the principal Act, in sub-section (2) , for the words
    “the posts of Registrars, Deputy Registrars and Assistant Registrars”, the words
    “the administrative posts of Registrars, Deputy Registran and Assistant
    Registrars” shall be substituted.
    Arnep2meni of
    sectian 17. ‘
    Anlendmeat of 9. In e~tion20 of the rincipal AC~,for sub-section (2) the following
    cection 20. sub-sectionshall be substituted: namely :-
    6* (2) The terms of office of members mentioned in clauses (c) ,(d)
    and (e) of sub-section (1) rhall be one year and of members mentioned
    in clauses (j) and (g) thereof shall be three yean.”
    Amer.~ae:ent 10. In 22 of the principal Act, in sub-section (1) 9 Class V1*
    secticn 22. (xiii) shall be omitted.
    Amendment of 11. In section 27 of the principal Act-
    ection 27.
    (a) id sub-section (4) , for the first proviso, the following proviso
    thereto shall be substituted, namely :-
    .*provided that in the case of a Medical, Engineering, Ayurvedic
    or pine Arts College, Principal of such college be the
    ,, ,scioman of Medical, Engineering, Ayumedic or Fine Arts
    ~acutrj,as the case mybe.” ;. -.
    (b) for sub-mtiorl (ti), tk f~llowitgsub-ation shall be substituted,
    namely :-
    “(6) In each &parrment of teaching in the University, €here
    shall be a Head of the Department whose appointment &dl
    regulated by Statutes:
    Provided that weq person holding the he.of H& of ~epa~.
    ment imediaMy bebefore the date of commencement of this sub-
    section shall, mrbject to the provisions of this Act and the Statutes,
    continue to bola office on fie same terms and conditions as he
    held immediately before the said date.”
    Amendrent oF
  5. In section 31 of the principal Act-
    (i) in sub-section (4), in dause (d), before the existing proviso the section 31.
    following proviso shall be inserted and be deemed always to have been
    inserted, namely :- ‘
    “Provided that in the case of a college where there is no principal
    or other teacher available for king a member of the Selection
    t.onzmittee under sub-clause (ii), the remaining members referred
    to in this clause shall constitute such Selection Committee :”.

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