Water Supply, Sewerage, Jal Sansthan, Local Area, City, Sewerage Tax, Levy of

further to amend the UttarPfadesh Wafer Supp!y and Sewertlg~Act, l??5. -ST
IT 1s HEREBY enacted in the Forty-eight h Year of the1Republic of IE&&
as follows :-
I. This Act may Be called the Uttar Pradesh Water SL~*tfy and Short title
Sewerage (Amendment) Act, t997.

  1. ~?frersection 102 of tha Uttar Pradesh WpPierSupply and Slw?~?;
    Act, 1975, the following se~tiunshal! 57z’nserred, namely :-
    J. f’..kt na. 43
    an3 c:iler law far th.: time being in forz2,
    where the State Oovernment is satisael
    that it is expedient in the public interest
    -100-A (1)-Notwitfistanding -nything contained in this Aci or in tf 1975
    and the canse-
    qlacnces thzrecf SO to do, it may, by notifi~ationdissotvl a
    Jal Sans’lzan constituted under this Act
    with effect from such date as say ‘ea sp:cified in the notification.
    (2) On sad from ihe date a Jal Sansthan is dissolved ~;~.:ei.
    subsection(I),- Sai?sth?n (a)all properkiss zrld assetv vssted in and all duk; re~ov=bie by the Jal Sansthan skill vsst iiz, and may ‘os 1-ealisod by .;:LC; local b~dyas exersis-,?, j’uris8ictisn in the local area immediate!; before the consti%:icn of suck JFI Sanst’nan erein in after ref~rrd:a ns th.: local badg; (c) all schaand legal p:c.zea.?ings Zsiitntsdcr whia5 ~i;’;?, but for such vestag and :raz-.fer, have beea instituted b:: nr sgainst a Jal Sanstlaza may Sz eontiar:ud o? instituted, as :ha ::ss may be, by or agai:st the bcal bdy; (d) all e~istingwater arrd ;ewsra_e 9ervices rlghts, iisbi’lris and obligations therete, mestioaed in section 33 of the .’LC., vesteii in or belonging to a Jal ,ansi’lan, shall vest iu an2 s. -rail transferred to the local body and the provisinns of sectim :3 ;hn!l, mutatis mutandis, apply to sltch tranJfer to or vesricg in the local body 2s They applied on transfer to or vestlng In:r,: Jal Sansthan ; (e) Save as utherivIse provided, every employees appointcl under section 27 of this Act or absorbed in the servicz or” Jai Sansthan under sub-section 1 of section 38 of the Act si:? 1 3ecome entployee of the local bady and the provisions of secti3n ‘: ‘shall, mutatis .riutlznc?ir, apply iu rrspsGt of his transfcr :c : s mvice of the local body as tiicy cppl::d io respszt of ri..l.,,::r 2o.n local body to the Jal Sansthan; tiley applied bsfore -.,: (g) the et~actmentsreferred to in section 100 shall continxs By order, .o have effect in tl:e same nznn-r ?:: constitutiorn of the Sal $azqtl::!ti.” 1’. i$, .TRIPATEIT, ;Jr’s!z-slt Sachiv. $78 IsliQIkO ~?o–Po”fin 16 ?TTO ~STR-(~-%F) . .X998–S50 ($50)2. ~n:~’.i~iZ~fi~l.::T!i~:.’Pr:ldeih~w~-rSi~?ly.i~~~S~wcrageAct, . . Amendment of
    ,975- ;

52 0f
U.P. Act no. 43
1 ;I ,!,o-;,::L;gn (.!), rgy il: 1 , J 4 r 1 : .,v,).- !:, b6<;l::ij b: i: i:9J7’ill? wQi.ds of 1W5 j . 1 crtrbstitutcd. j . cify, b’ 1.3vi.>:j9′:;h;;]]b: :I -;!:h-..-C:i.-,f wc – ‘2; ;ildI! nor 5c
less ;b:,a 7-5peroxn an – cot ail.r.e i!t;.+ii 12 ;%.:- ~32′:in q~;.,.. .j 1 v.;la-: of’:ie .> .?micr’: 39; ‘:–
3m.:er Uit:]r Pr.7 -Tt33i3 ,q;irJi>i:,:. 1 C:;T?-;. , ‘;on3 Act, 1959,
as lhi: State :]ovrrnmen? m.:y. fa iim $3.: i;~~.?.::ftl-:t ~:?n%icier-
ing th.’ .-ecamrnanCaiioa of ?;p.: Ni2:,jn. by no’ifi~alionin the
Gazette, declaro.”
(C) fter sub-secti,,n (3) ts i,)ins rte .’ ‘he following cxpl ln:~!i~tn
shall be inserted, namely :-
nrbstttuted :
&6Explanatlon: for the purpows of this scction-
(i) the expres?ion “city” shall have Phc measuring
assig& to it in tke U-+:;r ?-idcsh Municil,.l (Jori>orLltio>S
Ad, 1959; and
(ii) the expreqsioil “slt\?.:rage lax,’ shall haw the same
*caning pc tile ”drainage tpx” ~PSbeen assigned in the
Uttar Pradesh MU nicipa I Corporations Act, 1959.”

  1. Jn seaion 53 of the principal 4ct.-
    “fa) in sub-section (I), for ”I-. words and figure “section 52”.
    the words and figures -wb-ssction(2) of section 52″ shall be Amendment d se. 53
    (b) in sub-section (21, far the words anci figwe %vy of taxes
    mantion& in section 52″, the words and figures “levy of taxes under
    sub-section (2) of section 52″ sha I1 be subsfftuted.”

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