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411Act lo pr-ovidc for the secr~rihof set~iceof reacirer.~of a~?liared
cor~srirrretrrarrd Gner-rtre~ir Spo~uor-eclCullcgcs ill Wesr Heegnl.
WHERFASil is cxpedicn~to provide for the securi~yof scrvice or ~cachcrs
of affiliared. cons[iluent and Govcrnmen~Sponsorcd Colleges in West
It is hereby enacted in [heTlvenly-sixth Ycar orthc Rcpublic of India,
by theLegisla[ure of Wesl Bengal. as Follows:-

  1. (I ) l’his ACLmay hc cal lcd t hc Wcsl Bcngal College Teachers shon ,illc,
    (Sccurily of Scrvicc)Act, 1975.
    (2) It cxtcnds lo ~hcwholc of !Vest Bciigal.
    (3) It shall come inlo ?force on such dare as the S~alcGovcrnmcn~
    may, by nolificalion in the Ofici(11Gozene, appoin~.
  2. In [his Acl. unlcss thc conlcxr o~hcrwiscrequires,-
    (1) “collcgc” mcans a collcgc or an institution aifilimcd to a
    University in nccordancc wilh ~hcprovisions of the Acl
    constiruling such Univcrsi~yor rhc Stalulcs made thereunder
    and includes a consritucnl collegc or a govern men^
    Sponsored College bu~does no1 include a govern men^
    (2) ‘%ons~i[uenlcollege” means a college recogniscd as such by
    thc Univcrsiry hut does no1 include a Govcrnmcnt Collcgc;
    (3) “Governing Body”, in relalion ro a college, means [he
    managing conin~itleeor any other body charged wilh the
    managcrnent of the affairs of that college and recogniscd as
    such by ~hcUniversity to which such college is aililialcd;
    (4) “Governmcnl collcgc” mcans a collcgc maintaincd and
    managed by the Sla~cGovcrnmcnl;
    (5) “Governmcnr Sponsorcd Collcgc” means a collcgc dcclarcd
    by the Siatc Govcrnmcnl as such;
    ‘ForSrxc~ncn[orObjcc~sand Kcasons,see~hcCulcirlr(~Guzrrre,Fxtlrrir~lirluq:PYI1V.
    orlhc28dl Novcllibcr. 1975.
    This Act caminro rorcc on thc9th Oclohr. 197.5 ride notificn~ionNo. 10.5 1 -Un.(CS).
    dntcd Ihc 91h Ourokr. 1975. nrlhlishcd in thc C(rlr~rrrrrGr~rfr.Errrtrrrrdi~rrm!Pan I.The We~tBeegal College Teachers (Secvriry of
    Sendce) Act, 1975.
    [WcstBcn. Act
    (6) “prescribed” rlieans prescribed by rulcs nladc under this Act:
    (7) “Principal” tncans thc hcnd of n collcgc by wharcvcr namc
    (3) “Sralu!cs”, “Ordinnnccs” and “Rcgulnrions” mcans
    rcspccrivcly thc Stn~urcs,Ordinanccs and Rcgutations oithc
    affilialing Univcrsily ;
    (9) “tcachcr” mcans Professor, Assistant Profcssnr, Lcclurcr,
    TuLor, Demonslralor,Physical Instruetor or any othcr person
    holding a leaching pas1 rccogniscd by ~hcafiliating Univcrsily
    and appointed as such by a collcgc and includcs its Principal
    and Vicc-Principal.
  3. Appoinlmenl lo rhc post of a leachcr shall hc made by lhc
    Gnverning Body on IIIC recommendalion of thc Univcrsi~yand Coltcgc
    Scrviccs Commission trr bc co~islilutcdby the Stale Govzrnmcnl in thc
    manncr prcscribcd:
    Providcd that pending formalion or such Commission such
    appoinlrncnt shall bc made on the recommendalion of a Sclcclion
    Comn~itleeto bc consrilutcd Tor the purpose in the manncr prcscribcd:
    Pi-ovidcd lurtlier that norecommcndalion of the University and Collegc
    Scrviccs Commission or [heSeleclion Commilrcc will hc nccessary wilh
    rcspccl lo fillingup foraperiod not excccdingsix monlhs of any pemlancnl
    or lernpomry vacancy in the posi of a leachcr:

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