Council, Fund, Head of Institution, Higher Secondary Education, Institution,
Managing Committee, Member, President, Recognised, Secondary Education

At1 Acr ro ~.srablislia Cnrrncil of Hiylte Staconrlaty Edtrcnrion ir~rhr Strtfe
of Wcsr Bengol, 10 rlefir~ethe puulurs arrdfirnctiorjs ofsrrcl~Currrlcil
nr~dto !lrovi(lefor rer~aitlnrutrers corv~ecied~herrl.ill~.
WHEREASit is cxpcdien~10 establish n Council of Highcr Secondary
Education in the Stale or Wcsl Bengal, todefi~~e the powcrs and runclious
of such Council and to provide far cenain lnalrers connec~cdthcrcwith;
It is hereby enac~edin the Twenty-sixth Year of rhc Repliblic of
India, by the Legisla[urc of Wesl Bengnl, as follows:-

  1. (I) This Acl may bc called [he West Bengal Council of Highur Shorl tillz
    Secondary Education ACI, 1975.
    and cxtcnr.
    (2) It extends to the whole of Wesl Bengal.
    In this Act. unless lhe context olhenvise requires,-
    (a) “Council” means the West Bengal Council of Higher
    Secondary Educa~ionestablished under section 3;
    (b) “the Fund” means [he West Bengnl Council of Higher
    Secoodxy Educalion Fund rerc~cdlo in scclion 28;
    (G) “Head or Institulio~~”means [he head of the reaching slaff
    of an Inslitulion by whatever )lame he or she may be
    ‘For S~alcmcn~or Objccrs and Rtwons, see rhc Culr~rriuGu:tf~c,Er/r~ufdittnr)’.Pi~n
    IV, or ~hc17th February. 1975, page 766: fur pmcctdi.lgs of thc \Vt<t Uc~lgnlLc~isIalivc
    As<clnbly..see thc pnxccdings or rllc nlcclin~of 11131 Asscnlbly hcld on rhc 3rd hllrch.[Wfii Ben. Act i
    (d) “Higher Secondary Education”, except in relation to such
    class of students as thc State Government may specify in
    [his behalf, mean such education, com~nencingafter [he
    terminal sragc ofschool educn~ionin [hepatlcrn ofsecondary
    educarion introduced with effect from [he 1stday of January,
    1974, wl~ichconcludes with Lhe passing of the public
    examinarion by whatever name called and institu~edby the
    West Sengal Board of Secondary Education, as is provided
    for srullcnls wirh a view 10qualifying lhe111 for ndn~ission
    to diploma or dcgree coursc instiiuted by a University or
    by Government or by a Slntulory Body, and iricludes. subjccl
    lo any general or special order of Lhc Srate Govcmrnent,
    education in-
    (i) Humanities,
    (ii) Sciences,
    (iii) Commerce,
    (iv) Agriculture,
    (v) Technical courses, or
    (vi) OtIier courses. vocarional or otherwise, which lhc State
    Governmenl may, in consullalion with [he Council,
    (e) “Ins~itution” mcirns ;L Higher Secondary School or an
    educational instilution or dcparlnle~ltof a college or
    instilution imparting instruction io Higher Secondary
    (f) . “Managing Cornmittee”, used with reference to anlnsutulion,
    means the pemn or thc body oipersons for [he rime being
    entrusted wilh rhc managernenl of .[he affairs of lhc
    Instilu tion;
    (g) “membcr” means a member of the Council:
    (h) “notification” means a noliticalion published in the Official
    (i) “prescribed” mcans prescribed by rules made under this
    ti) “Prcsidenl” means the President OF the Council;
    (k) “rccognised” wi~hils gr~mma[icalv.uia~ions,uscd rri~h
    refirencc to Inslilu~ions.means rzcognised under this Acl;
    (1) “rcgulation” mcilns a regulation made by thc Council under
    this ACI:
    (m) “rule” mcans a rule made by the S~atcGovernmcnt under
    ibis Act; andTlze Wcsr Berrgal Cortrrcil of Hi~herSecolrdnrq’
    Edircatio~iAcr, 1975.
    VIII of 1975.1
    \Vcsl Bcn.
    Act V or
    (n) “Secondary Educnlion”, cxccpL in rclnrion to such class of
    studenls as the State Govcrnmcnt may specify inthis behalf,
    means such educati011in hepaucm orSccondary Educalion
    inrroduced wilb effect from rhc 1st day of January, 1974,
    impndcd in any instirution dzfincd as such in [he West
    Bengal Board of Secondary Education Acr, 1963, as
    rerminntcs with [he pnssitlg or the public cxaminarion by
    whatever numc ci~llcdand instiluled by rhe Wesr Bcngal
    Board of Secondary Educn~ion.

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