Essential Commodity, Essential Service, Protected Place, Public Servant,
Subversive Act

Air Acr to provide for special provisiorrs lor the n~ni~trcrrarrcc oj
pttblic order 11y the prcve~iriorr of illepl acquisitiorl, possession or rise
of arms o11d rrre supprcssiori of sbverivc. c~ctiviries e~~rlung~*ritrg prrblic
~ule~ ar~d rrurzq~rilliry a~rdjorrlofters connecred there ~villt or i~lcider~tol
WHEREAS it is cxpediznt to provide for special provisions for the
maintenance of public order by the prevention of il kgal acquisition,
possession or use of arms and lhc suppression of subversive acdvilies
endangering public safety and uanquilliry and Tor mauers connectcd
rhcnvich or incidenral thcreto;
It is hereby enacted in [he Twenty-third Year of he Republic or
India, by [he Legislature of Wesl Bengal, as follows:-
I. (1) This Act may be called the Wcst Beogal Mi~inrcnance of
Public Order Ac[, 1972.
(2) IL extends ro Ihe whole of West Bengal.

  1. In this Act, unless [he context othenvise requires,-
    (a) “essenfal commodity” means food. waler, fuel, light or
    power and inctudes such other thing as may bc declared by
    lhe Slate Govemmen~, by nolification, 10 be essential For [he
    life of thc community:
    (b) “esscnlial service” means any service conncc~cd with-
    (i) public conservancy or smi~ation,
    (ji) hospitals or dispensaries.
    (iii) tramways or lrinsport, whether provided by the State
    or by any olhcr body, authorily or individual, or
    (iv) gas works,
    and includes such other services connected with the rnarrers with rcspecl
    to which ~hc Slale Legislature has power ro make laws and which rhe
    Srate Government. being of opinion that the mainfenancc or such service
    is necessary For the prevention of grave hardship lo Ihc communi~y, may,
    by notificnlion, dcclare to be essential service;

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