Collector, Landlord, Person Interested, Premises, Public Purpose, Tenant

I. Shond~lc,commcnccmenl, cxtcnl nnd duration.

  1. Dcfinilions.
    Requisition of Premises for any Public Purpose.
  2. Power 10 requisition.
  3. Powcr lo order vacarion or prc~tliscscr Tor cxecurion of repairs.
  4. Eosemcnl, erc., not lo he dis~urbed.
    5A.Landlord lo maintain sl~pplic~and scrvicc~and makc ncccssarjl rcpairs in requisilioned
  5. Disposal ofpremises af~crrcquisition.
  6. Power 10 cvicl from requisi~ioflcdprcmises lor breach of rcrms of~cna~icy.
  7. Appeal.
  8. Non-compliance with orders.
  9. Ralcase from requisi~inn.
    1 0A. Durarion of rcquisition.
    JOB. Compulsory rclease lroni rcquisirion.
    CHAPTER 111.
    Provisions Regarding Compcnsalion.
  10. Proccdurz for fixing compcnsa[ion.
    12, hlilrlcrs ti, be considcred in fixing compcnsalion by agrcemenl.
  11. Pcrsons with whom agreerncnt is lo be cntered inlo.
  12. Deposir of compcnsalion in case of dispu~c.
    14A. lncrease or decrcilse in rent compcnsalion.
    Control of Vacant Premises.
  13. Pcnahp
    2 1, Saving as to orders.
  14. Protecrion of nclion taken undcr lhis Act.
  15. Repeal and saving.
  16. Power lo make rulcs.0
    West Bengal Act V of 1947′


West Ben. Acl IV or 1949.
West Bcn. Act XV of 1950.
Wcs~Bcn. Act X of 1953.
Wcsi Bcn. Act VI1 of 1954.
Wcsr Bcn. Aui 1X of 1957.
WsrBcn. Acl II aF 1960.
West Ben. Acr IX nf 1963.
Wcsl Ben.ACIXXIX oi1963.
West Ben. Acl X or 1966.
Wcst Ben. Act V or 1969.
West Ben. Act XIV of 1974.
West Ben. ACILXX OF 1978.
Wcsr Ben. Acr XL of 1983.
WCSIBcn. ACLI of 1985.
Wcst Ben. Act IV of 1986.
WcslBen. Acl XXVII 011986.
Thc Adaptation of Laws
Ordcr, 1950.
At1 Acr to prnvide for tlre reqrrisiriorr utrd cot~rrulof p~enrisesitr
IYL’H Ben~al.
WHEREASit is cxpcdient to provide Tor requisilion and conrml of
pre~njscsin Wes~Bengnl;
Ii is hereby rnac~cdas follows:-

  1. (1 ) ThisAamay becallcd rhc West Bengal Prcmises Requisirion Shon JilIc.
    and Con[rfll ?* *
    (2) 11 shall comc inlo rorce on such dale’ as heSlalc4Governn~ent dllnlion.
  • ACI,1947.
    icn~.cxrrnr may, by no~ificaiionin lhc Oficbl Gazetre. direcr. ‘For Starcrl~cnlor Objccts and Rraons, .rcc thc Cirlc!rrrtrGarcrrc F-rrmurJirrrrndztcd thc 191h Nor.cmber. 1947.Rn1V. page 17 1: Torprocccdings crlrhe \Vesl Bcn~alhgislative Asxrnbly,scr Ihc p~ccdingsoflhunringor[hc\Vc~lRrn~~hgisl~ivc Asselr~blyheldon
    the 16th No~.c~ubcr, 1947.
    :The word<;md bnckurs “(Ttrnponry Provisions)” wcrc on~ittcdby s. ?(a) olrhc Wcs~ Bm~nlPwnliscs Rcquisition and Conkrol(TcrnponryProvisions) (SccondA~mndri~enl)Act, 1986 (Ii’ts~Llcn.~\ctXXVlI or 1986). ‘ThisAtt cmcinto fowl! from hcdart on rrbich thc IVcsl Bcnpl Preldirrs (Rcquisition and E-icrion)Ord~nwcs,1447(WestBm.Ord. X of 1947). crdto apcnlc. lmillenotificl~ion No. IL. Ref.. datcd rhc l~tJanuary. 1948. I>ublishcda?. plgc 2 of Ihe Ctrlcrrrtn tiu:rrre.
    firrr~urdi~rfl~;~. oithc Is1 Jnnuary, 1948.
    ‘This word wzsuhsilukd Cor the word “Pmvinci~l”by pan. $(I) of rhc Adapt~t~on
    of Laws 0rdr.r. 1950.

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