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Standard Weight or Standard Measure, Reference Standards, Stamping,
Transaction, Verification, Weighing Instrument

AII Act ro ptnvidefur the etforce~~~etrf it1 WCSIBe~rgalof slatzdards of
lveighu arrd rrreasrrres.
WHEREASil is cxpcdicn~loprovidefor hccniorcernent in West Bengal
of standards of wcjghts and meuures established undcr the Standards of
89 1956. Weights and Measures ACI,1956 and for matters connccrcd therewith;
1t is hereby cnactcd in the Ninth Year of [hc Rcpublic of Ipdia, by the
Legislature af Wcst Bcngal, as follows:-

  1. (1) ThisAclmay becalled ~hcWest Bengal Slandardsof Wcigh~s shofl title.
    Ilicnr, wpal
    and savings.
    and Mcasurcs (Enforcement) Act, 1958.
    (2) It exrcnds to the whole of Wesr Bcngal.
    (3) Subjecrto the provisions of sub-section(4).thssccuonshall come
    into2forccat oncc and the remainingprovisionsof this ACIshall comc in10
    Force on such dalc or dares as the Srale Govcmmcn~may, by nodficarion
    in [he Oficial Gazette appoinl; and differcnr dammay be appoinled for
    dirfcren~provisionsofthis Aclor fordiffercnl xcnsor fordifferenlclasses
    of undertakings or for different classes of goods.
    (4) The West Bcngal Standards of Wcighrs and Measures
    (Enforccmcnt) Ordinance, 1958 is hereby repealed: .
    Provided hatnolwithsrandingsuch rcpcal anyihing doneorany aclion
    takcn or any legal cffccr produced by or undcr any provision of hesaid
    Ordinance shall be dccmcd to have been donc, taken or produced by or
    undcr Lhe corresponding provision of this Act as if such corresponding
    provision were in force on [heday on which such rhing was done or such
    action was taken or such lcgaI cffccl was produced.
    , \Vest Ben.
    Ord. \’I1 of

    6th Dcculnkr. 1958. Pan IVA.pap5670:for proceedings orihc West Bcngal Lcgislatiuc
    Assembly, see rhc prwc~dingsof thc ~ncctingsof that Asscmbly hcld on thc 1611)and 17th
    Dsccmbcr, 1958: and for pmcdings or the \Vest Bcngal Lcgislarive Council, see ihc
    pruccedings ofrhc rn~rinpoflhalCouncil held on the 22nd kccrnbcr, 1958.
    ‘Thc provisions of rhc Acl came into form ns follows namely:-
    (I) on ihe 1 d.59 in Calcu~laandthc How& Municipaliiy in wspxt ofunils orrnxss
    and unils orrnusurc and througbui iVcsi Bengd iin rcspcci ofuniu ofInas and
    mwure.Videnolificalion No. 833-W.M..dmed 10.7.59. publishcdin thc C~ilc~rriu
    Guzelte or 1959,Pan I,pagc 2566:
    ,r–r..-,. .- -.I-.!– .-.-.- … c.7 . .
    ‘ForSlxtemcnt olobjecrs and Rczons,xee rhc Culcirtf(iG(~zcrre,h~rorditrno~. o(thtThe Wesr Berrgal Stdrrdurds of \VeigIrrs arrd Mcmrrres .(E~forcerr.rirJ A cr, 1958.
    [West Ben. Act ,
    (5) If, im~ncdiateIybefore ~hecornmenccmentof any provision of this
    Act inrespect of any areaorclassofgoodsor undeflakings,there isin force
    inrcspcclof[hatarea or thar class ofgoodsor undenakings, any orher law
    which corresponds to such provision, such othercorresponding law,shall,
    on such commencement, sland repealed.
    ‘ (1) on rhz 1.1.60 in respect or xujswiarions ‘rrcogniad by the Cznrnl Government
    undcr Act LXlV of 1Y52 in so far as thcy undcnakc ~hcrcgula~ionmd conlrol or
    ~onvardcontnctsin r;lw and mnnuracturedjure. Vidcnolificauon No. 1171-W.M..
    datcd 23,1?.59,publishcd in thc Cnlclrm Garef!c.Errrunrd;naq.of 1959. Pan I.
    pnge 4565:
    (3) on thc 1.4.60 in WCS~Bcngal other than Calculra md Howmh Municipdiry in
    mqxct orsugar,van;lspri, biscuits. soaps,cloth. painlf. coir and drugsrclaring 10
    unirs or mass. Vide nolificalion No. 273-W.M., darcd 24.3.60,publishcd in rhc
    Calc~rrfoGazerre. Erfroordit~aqof 1960, par^ 1. pagc 1031;
    (4) on rhe 1.4.60in ~hcwholc oi\Vest Bcngal in rcspcc~orcloth.pain~, cowand drugs
    relating ro unirs of rnca<uw-5, Vide notification No. 274-W.hl.. datcd ZJ.3.6D,
    published in Ihe CfllcurrflGuzerre.Errraordir~ar).of 1960, Pan I. papc 1031:
    (5) on thc 1.460in Wcsl Bcngd,0thIhm Cdcurra rind heHow& Municipality. in
    rcspccr of crudc pctrolculn and pctrolcum produc~rclating ro unirs ormass. Vidc
    notification No. 300-W.M.,darcd 31.3.60, publishcd in rhc Cuk;riaGnceire or
  2. 1117;
    (6) on rhc 1,4.60 in rhc wholc or \Vest Bcngal in rcs ct of crudc pcmlcum and
    ~rroleumproduc~srela~ingtouni~ol~ncaums. ~ignorirlcarionNo. 301-W.M.,
    darcd 31.3,60,published in heCalc~trfaGnzefreof 1960, Pan 1, page 1 122:
    (7) on rhc 1.5,60in rhc wholc of Wcst Bcngal cxccpr Glcurta md !hc Municipdity of
    orgoods specified. Vide notification No. 530-W.M.. dad 30.4.60. published in
    Cnlcurrn Gazerre of 1960, Part 1, page 1629:
    (8) on the 1.5.64in the whole orWest Beogdrelating ro unirs oirnurc inmpxlof rhc clascsof undcnakings md thc clascs of goods spccificd. Vidc notification No. 531-W.hI.. dated 30.3.60,pubtished in the Culclrrrd Gazerre of 19M). Pan 1. pnge 1629; (9) on the 1.S.G0 in the whole of West Bengd-except Cnlcullamd the Municip~liryof Howmh, rclating to uni~of nwsin rcspcct olmsac~ionsinvolving sdc and purchwoTgoods. VidenorificmionNo.532-\V.M..dnted30.4.60. publishcd inlht: C(11clrrruGirzerre or 1960. Parl I. pages 1629-1630; (10) on thc 1.2.61in thc whole of West Bcngd in respec1 oftheclnsses orundcnalrjngs specifird. Videnolilicnrion No. 97-W.M., dared 31.1.61, published inrhc Colrurta Guzerfc,fifmordi~ra~or 1961. Pan I, pacs 535-536; (11) on thc 1.4.61 in Wcst Bengal in respect of sdc of liquid paints in Wcsk Bcngd Factories. Videnotification No.3 18-W.M.,datcd 23.2,61,publishcdintheCulc1rr1~ Cilzerre ol1961. Part I. page 706: (17) on rhe 1.5.61 in Cklcutta md the Municipality orHownh in respect ofuni~or capacity, Videnotific~ionNo.699-\V.M..dmed29.4.61.publishedin theCalcurru Gnzerre,Errrnordirlar3.of 1961, Pm I, page 1137: (13) on the 1 .I1.61 in rhewholeol\Vesr Bengd inrespccr of~h~clcsolunde~ngs
    spccificd in rclation ro alcohol. Vide noiificaiion No.7,053-W.M,,dated 26.10.61,
    publishcd in rhe Calclrrtn Gn;errr of 1961. PM I. pagc 3MO;
    (1 4) on the 1.12.61 in tk whole ofwe51 Bcngal in rel~rionlo unirs ofrnzsfor+ those
    cl~~~scs of undcndings md dltho% clascs of goods In rcspcc~or whlch hc
    provisions ofheACLhave no~hadycornc into forcc.Vidt notifiwuon No. 2110-
    W.M..da~cd13.11.61. publishcd in ihc Calcirtlt~Guretreor 1961,PartI.pagc3979;
    (1 5) on the 1.12.6I in thc wholc of Wcsi Bcngd in relation lo uni~of lcngrh lor dl
    lhosc cluscs olunden~kingsand 311 ihosr clusrsof goods in ~spclof which Ihc
    provisions of the ACI hare nor drcady come into forcc. Vide notification
    No. 1109-W.M..daicd 23.11.61, publislicd in thc C~II~UIIII Gnierfeor 1961, PYI 1,
    pagc 3979:

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