Caricatured with notable destinations and archaeological marvels, Turkey is a beauty for any wanderer. The number of Indians travelling to Turkey has increased because of its flexible visa procedures; but did you know that Turkey Visa On Arrival (VoA) for various nationalities including India is not allowed anymore by the Turkish Mission?

But fret not! Because eVisa Turkey or an electronic visa is a blessing in disguise because of its faster and secured way of providing tourist visas.

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Get your Turkey visa with Blinkvisa at 100% cashback. Now, you not only have to give any additional costs on your visa application but also get discounts on your travel expenses.

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Know More About Turkey eVisa

eVisa facility is a less expensive option that the alternative sticker visa because it saves time by applying online. Turkey eVisa or Turkey Tourist Visa is a single entry visa that gives you the benefit of travelling around the country for the purpose of tourism. All you have to do is to approach an authorised agent like Blinkvisa and submit your documents. You will receive the visa through your registered mail in just three to five days!

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Turkey Visa On Arrival For Indians

From October 28, 2018, The Embassy of the Republic Of Turkey relaxed their visa rules by taking down Visa On Arrival for Indian citizens. According to the Turkish visa policy, Indian citizens with an already existing US, UK, Ireland and Schengen visa can apply for eVisa Turkey. In any case, you will need the e-visa before leaving India towards Turkey.


Indians who do not possess any of the above-mentioned visas must apply for a Turkey tourist visa directly through the Embassy.

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Advantages of Turkey eVisa Over Visa On Arrival

  • Hassle-free Process:

The thought of strict visa rules can stress you out if you’re not prepared well. However, Turkey eVisa is a huge benefit because of its smooth and easy way of applying. Blinkvisa provides simplified steps to complete your visa application. You do not have to appear in person at the Embassy or travel anywhere for visa approval.

  • The option of staying for six months:

Unlike visa on arrival, Turkey tourist visa gives you the benefit of staying for 30 continuous days along with the validity of six months in Turkey. You can also ask for an extension provided you have valid reasons.

Turkey tourist visa info

  • No standing in queue for a visa:

The worst part of planning a vacation is the fear of going through a lengthy visa process. Also, imagine holding up in long lines for at least an hour to get the visa before you even begin your dream journey? With eVisa facility, you have no worries about getting a visa or not. You can plan your secured travel with a visa ready in your hand without any delay!

  • Saves Money:

Blinkvisa offers Turkey visa at just INR 4199.  You also get 100% cashback of the entire visa cost which you can utilise for flight and hotel bookings to travel to Turkey! Opting for Visa On Arrival might end up expensive because you may have to pay extra charges at the immigration to get the visa stamped. With eVisa, you know that you have the required paper to travel and that you need not pay anything at the airport.

  • No offline documentation:

The requirements of Turkey eVisa are completely online. The copies of all the mandatory documents are to submitted online with the help of our visa expert. You have no necessity to attend interviews or pass through biometrics. The major documents are as follows:

  1. Scanned colour copy of first and last page of your Passport.
  2. Scanned colour copy of your passport size photograph (3.5*5.5)
  3. Sufficient money (minimum of 50 USD per day to spend during their entire stay)
  4. Flight tickets if already booked.
  5. Hotel reservations if any (or)
  6. If staying with relatives/friends, one must show the residence proof and a covering letter stating their stay period and address.

turkey visa photo size and specifications

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  • Apply for visa anytime and anywhere:

eVisa Turkey gives you the luxury of applying for the visa at the comfort of your home. Our Blinkvisa agent will fill the details, submit your documents and apply for the visa on your behalf. You can also avail the doorstep delivery option (currently only for Bangaloreans/Bengaluru) where our expert will deliver your visa to your home!

Turkey eVisa Cost Break-up

The total Turkey visa fees are INR 4789 (along with agency charges and GST). Blinkvisa does not question you to pay any extra/additional charges!

Turkey tourist visa fee

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As soon as you pay the initial fee of INR 500 as part of beginning your visa application, you will get the entire amount as cashback into your registered account (BlinkWallet). The cashback will be a digital currency and you can utilise them for booking your further travel plans on our platform. You also get up to 11% discounts on flights, hotels and tour activities.

Method to Apply For Turkey Visa:

Although you can apply for eVisa Turkey by yourself, any miscommunication or wrong proof of documents can get your visa rejected! Blinkvisa gives you 100% cashback on Turkey visa applied with us which means you get your visa for free.

We have a Simplified process for Turkey Tourist visa:

  1. Visit and click on “Apply for Visa” button the right.
  2. Provide us with your basic information such as name, email & travel date.
  3. Complete the initial payment of just INR 500 & get a full cashback of INR 4789 into your wallet.
  4. Use your BlinkWallet to purchase your flight, hotel, activities and other travel-related stuff.
  5. Once your visa is approved, We will intimate you via SMS and Email.
  6. Complete any pending due payment & download your Turkey visa by logging into your portal.

At Blinkvisa, we excel at two things, taking the pain out of applying for visa & ensuring that your trip is not ruined by unforeseen visa rejections.

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Common Questions on Turkey eVisa

1. How many days prior should one apply for Turkey visa?

It is better to apply at least 30 days before your travel as you do not want to miss out or delay your processing in any way.

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2. If my Turkish visa application gets rejected, will I be notified?

Yes, you will be given a letter stating the reasons for your rejection.

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3. Who can apply for a Turkish visa online?

All Indian passport holders who have valid US, UK, Ireland and Schengen visa can apply for Turkey visa online.

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4. Can Indians avail Turkey transit visa?

Yes, Indians can avail the transit visa to Turkey if they have a layover of more than 24 hours in Turkey.

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