While applying for a Turkish visa, it is important to scan the documents and submit them to the Embassy. Irrespective of the type of visa (whether eVisa or sticker visa), Turkey visa requirements have to be completed because these will give the base to your visa application and why you are heading to Turkey.

The necessary records for a Turkish visa will vary on the visa type you are applying for based on your citizenship.

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All About Turkey Visa

Numerous individuals from around the globe need to visit Turkey for different purposes. Turkey is well known for its magnificence, culture and history. Depending on your nationality, you can either apply for Turkey eVisa or sticker visa.

Sticker visa needs to be applied beforehand directly at the Embassy. It cannot be availed online.

eVisa Turkey or Turkey Tourist visa can be applied online easily and will take just 3-5 days to get the visa in hand. The visa is a PDF document which you will have to download, take a print-out and carry along when you enter Turkey. India is among the numerous countries who can avail an eVisa.

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Turkey eVisa Requirements

    1. Coloured copy of your Passport or other travel documents:

You should present a passport that is legitimate for at least six months on the date you arrive in Turkey. The validity of the passport is vital when it comes to granting the visa as a change in the expiry date will result in visa rejection. You can also submit entry/exit stamps of any previous visas.

    2. Photo Requirements:

Scanned coloured copy of your passport size photos (3.5 X 5.5). You might have to submit at least two identical photographs. The following things have to be kept in mind:

  • High quality with a clear background (white).
  • There should not be any ink marks or creases
  • You must look directly into the camera
  • In case of any religious headgears, make sure it doesn’t cover your face.
  • Matte finish

    3. Valid Visa or Residence permit of UK / USA / Schengen Country / Ireland:

It is important to note that nationals who are eligible for the eVisa program can apply for it only if they have a valid visa from UK, USA, Ireland or any Schengen country. If they do not, then they must avail visa directly from the Embassy.

Turkey Tourist Visa Info

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    4. Air Tickets:

It is vital to provide the entire flight itinerary for the Turkey visa. The authorities must get clear dates on when you are travelling and when you are returning. Because this would enable them to get the visa appropriately.

    5. Adequate funds:

The Turkish Embassy authorities would need you to show proof of sufficient cash to help yourself during your stay period in Turkey. You ought to have around 50 dollars to spend every day during your continuous stay. You might have to submit proof as part of additional documents such as:

  • Bank Statement for the last three months.
  • Proof of income like salary slip, your spouse’s income statement
  • Covering letter from the sponsor – The one who guarantees to cover your entire stay/expenses. You can also provide their bank statements

   6. Proof of accommodation:

Irrespective of how many days you are staying in Turkey, you must provide the necessary proof of your stay during the period. It can be a hotel booking or if you are staying with friends/relatives, you must submit their address proof. You can also provide the invitation letter if you are invited by a host stating your relationship with the host.

Please Note: If your relative/host covers your accommodation, even then you need to furnish your bank statements.

Additional Documents based on your employment:

  • If you are employed – An attested letter from your employer, mentioning the date you will return to your country of residence after the trip to Turkey. Salary slips are mandatory.
  • If you are self-employed, the certificate of your company’s establishment and registration, the trade license, and bank statements.

Visa fees for eVisa Turkey:

Blinkvisa gives you a visa to Turkey at just INR 4789. This includes all charges. We do not ask for any additional charges during the visa processing. Once you pay INR 500 (initial charges), you get the complete amount as cashback to your Blinkwallet.

Turkey tourist visa fee

Turkey Sticker Visa Requirements

  1. Visa application form – Choose the right type of visa (tourist, business or work)
  2. Original passport – Since the visa will be stuck to your passport, you must submit your original passport (validity for 6 months). Also, ensure that at least one blank page is there in the passport.
  3. Photographs
  4. Proof of funds
  5. Travel itinerary
  6. Hotel accommodation
  7. Travel/medical insurance – Beneficial in case of any emergency.  You can get a travel insurance HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance for as low as INR 300.
  8. Certificate of clearance from Police – This certificate must state that you are not involved in any criminal/civil activities or cases in the last few months.

For applicants under 18 years:

  • Birth certificate/ Proof of date of birth
  • Approval letter issued by non-accompanying parent
  • Documents on custody rights, if the parents are divorced or a third person is the legal guardian of the applicant.
  • Death certificate/letter from the guardian, if any parent has passed away.

How To Apply For Turkey eVisa:

  1. Visit www.blinkvisa.com 
  2. Provide us with your basic information such as name, email & travel date.
  3. Complete the initial payment of just INR 500 & get a complete cashback of INR 4789 into your wallet.
  4. Use your BlinkWallet to purchase your flight, hotel, activities and other travel-related stuff.
  5. Once your visa is approved, We will intimate you via SMS and Email.
  6. Complete any pending due payment & download your Turkey visa by logging into your portal.

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Turkey Visa Requirements FAQs

1. What is the cost of Turkey visa for Indians?

The cost of a Turkey visa for Indians is INR 4789. Blinkvisa gives 100% cashback on Turkey visa.

2. Is there Turkey visa on arrival for Indians?

There is no Turkey visa on arrival for Indians. The Embassy has taken down the provisions for Turkey visa on arrival n 2018.

3. Will my visa fees be refunded if my Turkey visa application is rejected?

The fees will not be refunded if your application is rejected or otherwise.

4. When should one apply for a Turkey transit visa?

You can apply for a transit visa when you have to stay for more than 24 hours in the country and also when you are leaving the international transit area.