The reasons are plenty to visit Turkey at least once in your life. And, to achieve this feat, planning your Turkish treat with the best travel plan is vital. In fact, the first action is to make sure that your Turkish visa application is moving in the right way.

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Turkish eVisa at a Glance

Before we dwell into the important facts related to the Turkish visa application, let’s understand eVisa Turkey.

eVisa Turkey or Turkey Tourist Visa is a single-entry visa that is valid for six months and stays period for 30 continuous days. Which means you can use this visa to enter and exit the country only once within the expiry of the validity period.  And you would be requested to exit the country on or before the 30th day.

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Important Facts To Remember For Your Turkish Visa Application:

1. The type of Turkey visa you are eligible to apply:

The factors depending on your Turkish visa application will depend on the type of visa you are applying. There are two types of Turkey visas – eVisa and Sticker visa. If you are an Indian and you have a valid UK or US visa, then you can avail Turkey visa online. In that case, the application process is easier and you get the visa in 3-5 days. If otherwise, you have to apply directly via The Embassy and in that case, the application process will take a little time as it will include going to the nearest Embassy and applying.

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2. Valid Passport/ Passport Copy:

You must have a valid passport as that is the most important document to have when you apply for a Turkish visa. In the case of eVisa, you must submit a coloured copy and when it comes to sticker visa, you must submit your original passport.

3. Only for tourism purpose:

You must avail the Turkey eVisa also known as only for tourism. If you wish to go to Turkey for business, work or study, you must apply for the particular category visa. You are not permitted in any way to utilise this tourist visa for any kind of work.

4. Correct travel documents:

You must ensure to submit all correct documents. In certain cases, when you are applying on your own, you might miss out on specific documents. Blinkvisa agent will explain the list of accurate documents over the call. We will also help in printing out your passport size photographs or any coloured copies. Remember that, you cannot enter Turkey if you give mismatched travel documents.

To know about the detailed list of documents, read Turkey Visa Requirements

5. Any restriction on the kind of airline companies:

As per the conditional eVisa category, certain nationalities are permitted to travel to Turkey only on specific airlines mentioned in the provisions. All applicants except the nationalities of India, Pakistan, Philippines, Afghanistan and Bangladesh must travel only with – AtlasGlobal, Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, EgyptAir and Turkish Airlines.

Method to Apply For Turkey Visa

  1. Visit and click on “Apply for Visa” button the right.
  2. Provide us with your basic information such as name, email & travel date.
  3. Complete the initial payment of just INR 500 & get a full cashback of INR 4789 into your wallet.
  4. Use your BlinkWallet to purchase your flight, hotel, activities and other travel-related stuff.
  5. Once your visa is approved, We will intimate you via SMS and Email.
  6. Complete any pending due payment & download your Turkey visa by logging into your portal.

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Turkish Visa Application FAQs

1. When should I avail a Turkey transit visa?

You must apply for a transit visa when you are staying in the country for more than 24 hours or you are going to leave the transit area.

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2. Is there Turkey visa on arrival for Indians?

There is no visa on arrival for Indians. Indian citizens who wish to obtain the visa have to apply for eVisa.

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3. How to avail Turkey visa online?

You can avail Turkey visa online through Blinkvisa. All you need to do is to submit the documents and you will get the electronic visa in three-five days.

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