Did you know that you can apply for a Turkish visa online, With 100% cashback on your visa fee?

One may say that Turkey is the top spot for many Indians, especially youngsters who plan to have their exclusive holiday. Turkey is the right place for rejuvenation, at an affordable price and that is why planning a vacation to the marvellous Istanbul can also be out of the blue! But it doesn’t matter because with Turkey eVisa you get the visa within just 3 days when you opt for Blinkvisa!


If you want to visit and experience the true culture as part of your long-awaited plan then go through our comprehensive Turkey visa online guide for a memorable holiday like none other.


Turkey Visa cashback

You also get a custom made travel plan! Get your flights and tour activities at lower prices and up to almost 10% discount.


Is Turkish Visa Online a Tourist Visa?

Two common questions pop up any traveller’s mind –

If they are eligible for Turkey visa online or eVisa Turkey?. If yes, then is it a tourist visa? Turkish visa online is definitely a visa given for tourism purpose. The speciality about this visa is that one can apply for it anywhere and anytime! It is considered the best when you apply via trusted agents like Blinkvisa because you need to get the documents right and a minute error or delay in submission of requirements can delay your travel!
The eVisa is a PDF document so you must take a print out and carry it during your travel.

Is it Different Compared to Turkey Visa On Arrival?

Turkey eVisa is a single entry visa and it must be applied beforehand in India or your home country. Turkey visa on arrival for Indians has been scrapped off by the Turkish Embassy in 2018 and it was announced that Indians can apply for eVisa easily. What makes Turkey tourist visa a feasible and better option is because of its secured and safer processes. Visa Upon Arrival might not give you a guaranteed visa and you might have to wait a little longer at immigration and there are chances that your visa can also get rejected!

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That is why it is considered the best to avail of the visa in India itself and travel peacefully. With Blinkvisa, you can apply and get your visa through expert assistance and faster application processing.

turkey visa information


How Much to Pay for Turkey eVisa?

The visa cost for Indians is INR 4789. The Turkey visa fees mentioned above includes visa cost, agency charges, and GST @ 18%. And the best thing about Blinkvisa is that you get 100% cashback on your visa fee.

turkey visa fee

Anxious about paying the entire amount and not getting a visa? Don’t Worry. With Blinkvisa, you can pay the entire fees only after receiving the visa! With an initial deposit of just Rs.500, we will begin your document processing and in just three days, the visa will get delivered to your Blinkvisa account.

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Turkey Visa For Indians and How to Apply?

Blinkvisa ensures that you submit the necessary documents and then wait for your dream visa to come! They have the process segregated in simple steps:
  1. Click on the “Apply for Visa” button on the Blinkvisa site.
  2. Enter basic information like name, contact, and travel details
  3. Complete the initial payment of just INR 500 which you will get as full cashback into your wallet.
  4. You can use BlinkWallet to purchase your flight, hotel, activities etc.,(up to 11%)
  5. You’ll receive the visa confirmation by SMS and e-mail.
  6. Complete payment and download your visa by logging in at our portal


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Documents Required

If you have any doubts about the checklist, our Blinkvisa expert will explain to you about the list of documents and essentials. The following are the mandatory documents required:

  1. Passport copy
  2. Photographs
  3. Flight Tickets and hotel reservation

passport and photo requirements for turkey visa

Please Note: Only Indians with a valid visa or residence permit from the UK, US, Schengen or Ireland can apply for eVisa Turkey. Indians who do not have any of these visas must directly apply for a visa at the Embassy.

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How to use the cashback?

Since we’ve already mentioned that you will get the visa fee back as cashback. You can use this cashback to get attractive discounts on your hotel and flights bookings. The discount is also applicable for activities like sightseeing tours. Hence, even if you have an emergency hotel reservation, our agent will help you with great hotels at discounted prices.

Here are some examples:

hotel discounts

Frequently Asked Questions on Turkish Visa Online:

1. Can Indians work in Turkey using Turkey tourist visa?

One cannot work in Turkey with the help of Turkey tourist visa or eVisa.

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2. What is Turkey Transit Visa?

Turkey transit visa depends on your duration of stay in Turkey. If you are catching a connecting flight and you might have to stay for more than a day or two, you must avail a Turkey transit visa.

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3. Who is eligible for a Turkish visa application?

Any Indian passport holder who desires to visit Turkey is eligible for a Turkish visa application via eVisa.

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