The United Kingdom has consistently been a fantasy goal for a lot of people over the globe. It very well may be family occasions, business conferences, friends reunions or studies. As per latest reports, Indians travelling to the UK are expected to increase by 90% by 2025. And that is why there has also been a surge in UK visa for Indians.

In any case, this not simply constrained to the travel industry, many businessmen and students alike have been attracted by the scholarships and opportunities to explore their choices. Hence, If you are a yearning Indian, who needs to go to the UK for any of these reasons, here is a total guide for you.


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UK Visa For Indians

Simply put, Indians need to apply for a visa to enter into the entire territory of the United Kingdom like the countries of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. There is no UK visa on arrival for Indians.

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Last year reflected an influx of more than 5 lakh Indians visiting the UK. Cricket World Cup was one among the major reasons followed by medical and tourism. While it is a fact that getting a UK visa can be intimidating, the visa process, if understood, is pretty straight forward! There are two important factors to applying for a UK visa from India:

  • This is an offline visa which can be applied through credible travel agents across India
  • Though the processing is online, you must attend interviews and submit the biometrics at the respective VFS centres in India

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Why Should you apply for a UK visa?

  1. Tourism/visiting
  2. Work
  3. Education
  4. Transiting through the UK to another country
  5. Joining family members/spouses who are residing there
  6. Medical reasons

Just like your reasons for visit differs, the type of visa will too. In view of your prerequisites, you should apply for a particular type of visa. Every one of these visas has its own requirements and features.

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UK Visa Types

UK Tourist Visa

Also known as the UK visitor visa, the tourist visa is one among the most favoured kind of visa picked by numerous Indians. At Blinkvisa, we offer this multiple entry visa that is valid for six months. Being multiple entries, you can travel to and fro within the valid period any number of times without applying for a visa every time. The major purpose of this visa is for travel and visiting friends/family.

UK Tourist visa information

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What is the tourist visa fee?

We offer a 100% cashback on all visa expenses. The equivalent applies to all types of UK visa also. In addition, we are the only visa specialists offering visa help with no additional costs! It implies that you just need to pay INR 50o to process your visa application.

The tourist visa fee is INR 9990.

Along with Blinkvisa charges and GST, the total cost is INR 11,760. Now, you get this entire amount as cashback.

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UK Business Visa

Ordinarily, the UK business visa empowers you to visit the nation on different sorts of business purposes like gatherings, courses, prospective employee meet-ups, and so forth.

But it never permits you to begin a business inside the territory. Likewise, it can’t be utilized as a work visa. The business visa given by  Blinkvisa gives you the privilege to stay for six months and also allows you to enter the country as many times within the valid period.

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What is the business visa fee?

The business visa fee is INR 10560 along with the agency charges and GST(18%). You get 100% cashback on the entire fee.

UK business visa fee from Bangalore


Using the cashback on flights and hotels:

Once the Blinkcash is credited to your account, you can utilise them on bookings for flights, hotels and tour activities. Your Blinkcash does not have validity and you can use them for any future transactions with Blinkvisa too.

UK transit visa for Indians:

A transit visa is required when you are travelling to another country via the United Kingdom. For example, if you are travelling from Bengaluru to Newyork, with a layover in London, then, you must require a UK Transit Visa. Flight tickets (inward and onward), valid passport and flight accommodation is a must to get the visa.

*Currently, Blinkvisa is giving only tourist and business visas.

Note: If your layover in the UK is more than 48 hours, you must avail a UK visitor visa

UK Visa Requirements For Indians

Documents – a key piece of any visa procedure. As long as your documentation is fine, your odds of getting a visa are truly bright. Remember that depending on your application you might be required to give additional documents too. Nonetheless, there is a list of major documents that you have to keep prepared when you apply for your UK visa.

  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any
  • 2 recent passport size colour photograph with white background, matte finish size 35 mm X 45 mm 80% face Size
  • Online UK Visa Application form
  • Covering letter mentioning your travel details and stay details while in the UK
  • Original Bank statement for last 6 months updated with healthy and sufficient balance
  • Income tax returns / Form 16 for last 3 years
  • Supporting Financial Documents such as Fixed Deposits, Property Investments, Recurring Deposits, any other Investments, etc (Especially for business visa)
  • Hotel booking (Use Blink Wallet Cashback to get up to 25% discount on flights)
  • Flight itinerary (Use Blink Wallet Cashback to get up to 25% discount on flights)

Additional Documents (If required):

  • If employed:
    • Latest months salary slip
    • Employee ID card
  • If Self-employed:
    • Last 3 years ITR
    • Company Registration certificate
    • GST certificate/ Partnership deed
    • 3 months personal bank statement
  • If visiting Family/Relative:
    • Invitation letter
    • Inviter’s ID passport or PR
    • Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill, etc

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Apart from your documents submission, you will also have to visit the visa application centre to submit your biometrics which includes the fingerprints and your facial scan. Along with cracking the interview, you must make sure your fingers are free of any cuts or bruises.

The VFS centres in India are:

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai (North and South)
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata

How Can Indians Apply For UK Visa?

  1. Click on the ” Book Appointment” button on the right.
  2. Provide us with your basic information such as name, email & number of applicants.
  3. Complete the initial payment of just INR 500 & get a full cashback of INR 11760  into your wallet.
  4. Use your BlinkWallet to purchase your flight, hotel, activities and other travel-related stuff.
  5. Once your visa is approved, Embassy will intimate you via SMS and Email, You can either pick up the passport from the embassy or you can opt for courier services.

At Blinkvisa, we excel at two things, taking the pain out of applying for visa & ensuring that your trip is not ruined by unforeseen visa rejections.

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UK Visa For Indians FAQs

1. What is the ideal time to apply for my UK visa online?

We recommend a maximum of 30 days before your intended travel date. Also, you can also apply 90 days in advance and not more than that.

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2. Is it possible to check my UK visa application status?

You can check the application online with the help of our visa agents. Our visa experts will be able to track your application and also notify you once your visa is approved.

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3. Is there a UK visa on arrival for Indians?

No, Indians do not have a UK visa on arrival. All Indian nationals must avail a visa before their travel.