Planning for a holiday with family and friends to the UK? Applying for UK visa online is easier than ever when you go through authorised agents like Blinkvisa. Depending on your purpose of stay and with accurate processing and correct list of requirements, you can get a UK visa within 15-20 working days. To assist you with getting ready for the ideal journey to London here is a step-by-step guide.


Blinkvisa also gives 100% cashback on visa fees. You not only spend less on the fee but also gain whatever you spend. In short, you get the visa without any additional costs to the agency!

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Blinkvisa is not only for your UK visa but also for other countries and you can get a whole custom travel plan done for you to make sure you a great journey while also using your cashback that you just got to provide you even more savings when you book your flight, hotel and also gain huge discounts on your activities.

Quick Fact:

Please note that the United Kingdom (UK) is not a part of Schengen Area so you cannot enter the UK with a Schengen visa and nor can you enter Schengen Area with a UK visa.

Step 1: Understanding the Type of Visa you Require

Above everything, figuring out what sort of visa you will require is important. Whether you want to avail visit visa, study visa, a work visa, or a business visa, you must understand the features and validity. To apply for a UK Visa online – your nationality, the purpose of your stay and the duration span will determine your eligibility. For Indians, both tourist and business visa is a multiple entry visa.

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UK Tourist Visa

UK Tourist visa information


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UK Business Visa

UK Business Visa Info


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Step 2: Booking An Appointment

Once you visit our site, you must select the destination ‘United Kingdom’ and go for the “Get Visa” button. Within half an hour, you will get a call from our visa expert. The expert will share an account of the visa category you wish to apply and how to apply.

After that, you can schedule an appointment and fill in the necessary information. Here is a snapshot of your appointment page:

schedule appointment for uk visa

All it takes is to provide primary details like your name as on the passport, email id, phone number, travel date, etc. Later which, you will have to pay an amount of INR 500 only, which is for the initial application processing. Don’t worry as the entire amount including the application processing fee is credited back in your wallet as cashback.

You can also fix an appointment with our visa agent by either opting for a doorstep pick-up and drop assistance or call assistance. (However, as of now we are availing the doorstep facility only in Bangalore/Bengaluru.

Note: Upon payment of INR 500, the complete visa fee of INR 11760 is credited to your account in the form of Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet.

Step 3: Submit the Documents

UK visa application has a detailed list of documents to furnish. Also, you must be careful in filling the application form to avoid any rejection. Our Blinkvisa expert will also help in filling the application form in case of any doubts.

UK visa requirements

  • Original passport with 6 months validity.
  • 2 recent passport size colour photograph with white background
  • Online UK Visa Application form
  • Covering letter mentioning your travel details and stay details while in the UK (For Employed – Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Letterhead)
  • Original Bank statement for last 6 months
  • Income tax returns / Form 16 for last 3 years

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Step 4: Payment of the Complete Fee

  • Once you submit the documents, your visa reaches the processing stage.
  • Blinkvisa will keep a track of your application form
  • Within 15 days you will get an appointment for your interview and biometrics which you must attend at your nearest UK Embassy
  • You must pay the remaining fee to get your visa.

Here is a break up of the tourist and business visa fee. You will get 100% cashback of your visa fees for both the types of visas. 

UK tourist visa fee in Bangalore


UK business visa fee from Bangalore


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UK Visa Online FAQs

1. Can I extend my UK business visa?

You can apply for an extension of business visa before your current stay expires by submitting a proof from your company stating the reason extension.

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2. Are my UK Visa fees refundable?

Unlike other agents, Blinkvisa does not ask for the entire visa fee for processing your visa. Only an initial INR 500 to initiate your visa application. The Blinkcash you get has lifetime validity.

3. How to apply for a UK visa?

All you need to do is, visit Blinkvisa and submit your request, we will take care of the complete UK Visa application process right from getting your documents ready to get your visa under our visa expert guidelines.

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4. Will I know if my UK visa application is rejected?

Yes, you will be getting a refusal letter in which the details and reasons will be given on why your visa application was rejected.

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