A visit to the United Kingdom tops the wishlist for plenty of voyagers. With its vacation filled vibe and a stunning cluster of social interests, the nation is one among the most frequently visited ones worldwide. If you have been anxious about the UK visa procedure, then here is decoding the process for you. Quite a simple plan of action, the United Kingdom visitor visa needs you to keep in mind these things – applying for the visa online, attending the interview and making sure you have the right documents in place.

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What is a UK Visa?

A UK visa is a document or a stamp in your passport that gives you the authority to enter the United Kingdom. The uniqueness about this visa is that it gives you the privilege of entry to all the four countries that comprise the kingdom – England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland!
United Kingdom visa is different from a Malaysia or Canada visa because it is a combination of online and offline visa. Even though the visa application is possible online through authorised agents, one must complete procedures only offline (like personal interviews, biometrics). That is why it is not possible to apply for the visa on your own as it involves thorough documentation and fact submission.

Exempted Countries:

There are some countries that are exempted from availing a visa to visit the United Kingdom. The exemptions are divided into three kinds:

UK visa exemption

Source: Wikipedia

The graph above gives you a highlight of different visa provided to countries across the world. India is among the ones that require a pre-approved visa to enter the United Kingdom.

1. Visa exemption:

Visa exemption is provided to the British nationals, British Overseas Territories citizens deriving their statuses from Gibraltar, All European Union citizens, Citizens of Commonwealth countries under the Immigration Act 1971.

2. Visa exemption for a stay up to 6 months:

56 countries and territories in the world do not require a visa to visit the United Kingdom to stay up to six months/three months if they enter through the Republic of Ireland. But they are subjected to certain rules such as:

  • Do not start a business or involve in any kind of new work
  • Do not register for marriage
  • Possess sufficient funds for returning to their nation/ submission of proof of their return tickets
  • In case of a minor, submit a document/proof of their guardian or parent.

Uk Visa exemption

Source: Wikipedia

3. Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW):

This program gives the luxury to the Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to enter the Kingdom with an eVisa/online visa. They must pay 30 Euros to avail this eVisa document. They get permission to visit the country for business, tourism, studies or medical purposes for a period of six months. 3 months and 48 hours before the travel is an ideal time to apply for an EVW. 

The requirements to avail the eVisa:

  • Valid passport
  • Address proof of their stay
  • Flight tickets (inward and onward)

Do Indians Need a UK Visa?

Yes, Indians require a UK visa to enter the Kingdom. They can apply for a UK tourist visa or a UK visitor visa for leisure and medical purposes or a UK Business Visa for attending conferences, festivals related to business. The visa for Indians is a multiple entry visa, which means, they can travel any number of times within the validity of six months. To avail both these visas, Indians must clear face-to-face interviews.

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At Blinkvisa, we not only process your visa but also guide you to crack the interview easily. We have processed over 5,500 UK tourist visas & our customers saved over 44,000+ hours of processing time.

Types of UK visas:

Popular types of visas:

  • UK Tourist Visa – This visa allows you to explore the United Kingdom as a tourist. You cannot conduct any business-related activities, long term study/course, or work which pays.
  • UK Business Visa – Provided to individuals who visit the UK to conduct business-related activities like conferences or seminars.
  • UK Work Visa – If you are offered any kind of work in the UK, then on the request of the company which hired you can request this type of visa for you.
  • UK Transit Visa – A short term stay near the UK airport. Required if you are going from one country to another with a change of flights in the UK.
  • UK Study Visa – If you plan to study in any recognized university/college in the UK, you can apply for this visa provided you have the required documents for the same.

Other kinds of visas:

  • Investor Visa – This is required on the occasion that you wish to invest in any property in the UK. There can be any number of investors. This classification is chosen based on the capital amount you wish to invest.
  • Marriage visa – The marriage visa for the UK, otherwise called the spouse visa is a sort of settlement visa. This kind of visa enables you to remain in the UK as long as 30 months or longer too. For being qualified for applying for the spouse visa, you need to have a certifiable relationship verification.
  • Family visa – UK family visa can be allowed to the individuals who are interested in building up the family in the UK with their existing relatives in the UK. You can’t get this family visa if you already possess a work visa by any chance.

Please note that as of now, Blinkvisa only processes Tourist & Business visas.

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UK Visa Processing

Once you have figured out which type of visa you wish to apply for, Blinkvisa will help you with the rest!  Filling of the application form is one among the important things that will begin your visa processing and our expert agents can also fill this form on your behalf to avoid any mistake. Also, it is vital to carry a copy of your online application form for your interview.

What are the documents required?

  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any
  • Two recent passport size colour photograph with white background, matte finish size 35 mm X 45 mm 80% face size
  • Online UK visitor visa application form
  • Covering letter mentioning your travel details and stay details while in the UK (For Employed – Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Letterhead)
  • Original Bank statement for last 6 months updated with healthy and sufficient balance.
  • Income tax returns / Form 16 for last 3 years
  • Supporting Financial Documents such as Fixed Deposits, Property Investments, Recurring Deposits, any other Investments, etc
  • Hotel booking (Get up to 25% discount on flights)
  • Flight itinerary (Download FlightGen App to create a flight itinerary for your visa application)

 Additional documents will be required based on your reasons for travel. The requirements for tourist and business visas are the same except for the covering letter, for a business visa you must furnish the letter in company letterhead.

To know in detail, check out: UK visa requirements

When should I apply?

It is vital to apply for a visa a month before your intended date of travel because once your application is in process, it will take 15-20 days to get the visa in hand. Once your documents are submitted, you will have a date fixed for the interview and then the biometrics. Since the procedure is time-consuming, it is safe to apply at least 25 – 30 days before as any delay in processings can spoil your plans.

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What is biometric enrollment?

You have to present your fingerprints and photo (known as biometric data or information) at the visa application centre. This incorporates an advanced finger examine (around 10 digits) and a computerized photo. The fingerprint strategy utilizes an electronic scanner. One of the important things is to make sure your fingertips are liberated from any types of adornment or decorations like henna or tattoos. Also, it is better to keep your fingers clear offcuts, scraped areas or different markings as the scanner might not get your prints right and in the end, these may negatively influence your visa application.

What is the cost of a visa?

Whether tourist or business, Blinkvisa provides 100% cashback on the visa fee. The fee is INR 11760 for a tourist visa and INR 10560 for a business visa. The cashback will be credited to your BlinkWallet immediately after you pay the initial charges of INR 500 and you can use the amount for your travel bookings.

With an aim to convert all your visa expenses into travel expenses, Blinkvisa provides attractive discounts from 11% up to 25% on the flight, hotel bookings and wide range of sightseeings you have been dreaming to visit. So in reality, you get the visa without any cost. Whatever you spend, you get it back!

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How to Apply for a UK Visitor Visa?

Here are the steps to apply:

  • Visit Blinkvisa
  • Select the visa type and click on the “Book Appointment” button on the right.
  • Provide us with your basic information such as name, email, & the number of applicants.
  • Complete the initial payment of just INR 500 & get a full cashback of INR 11,760 into your wallet.
  • Utilise your BlinkWallet to purchase your flight, hotel, activities and other travel-related stuff.
  • You will get the date and time your interview is scheduled.
  • Submission of all required documents and biometrics
  • Once your visa is approved, the respective consulate will intimate you via SMS and Email. Blinkvisa will deliver your passport to your home or you could also pick it up directly from the Embassy.

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More about BlinkWallet and discounts:

The Blinkcash or the cashback is credited to your BlinkWallet which is linked to your respective e-mail ID. Like mentioned, you can use this cash for future bookings at a cost much lesser than the usual booking sites.

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UK Visa FAQs

1. How long does it take for the UK visa to get approved?

UK visitor visa or UK standard visa processing takes 15-20 days.

2. Is UK visa online for Indians?

UK visa can be applied online but it cannot be availed without attending interviews offline/personally.

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3. Can I visit the United Kingdom if I have a valid Schengen visa?

No. you cannot. UK is not part of the Schengen agreement or countries so a Schengen visa is not valid for UK visit. You must apply for a UK tourist visa if you want to enter or visit the country.

4. Do I get to know if my visa application is rejected?

A refusal letter will be mailed to you stating the details and reasons on why your visa application was rejected.

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