As one of the least expensive international tourist destinations, there is a lot to do, see, and indulge in Vietnam. In fact, tourism is one of the contributors to its economy with a reported 12.9 million visitors in the year 2017. You can get the complete information on Vietnam Business Visa on this page.

Apart from tourism, the destination attracts investors and organizations for business synergies and commercial fests. A Vietnam tourist visa is vital to visit the country on the grounds of tourism. Similarly, a Vietnam business visa is a must for business purposes.

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Types of Vietnam Visa

The purpose of visiting Vietnam may not always be tourism-related. Needless to say, based on the purpose of the visit, the type of visa required is determined. Thus, understanding the various types of visa Vietnam is crucial.

  • Vietnam tourist visa
  • Vietnam business visa
  • Student visa
  • Vietnam transit visa
  • Diplomatic and official visa

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The types of Vietnam tourist visa

Note: Presently, we process only Vietnam tourist visa at Blinkvisa.

A Brief on Vietnam Business Visa

When visiting Vietnam for business purpose, securing a Vietnam business visa, which is of the DN category of visa is vital. The visa allows you to conduct business activities like signing contracts, attending meetings, etc.

However,  one cannot use a business visa for employment in Vietnam. For the latter, one must apply for a Vietnamese work visa.

Salient features of a Vietnam business visa

  • A Vietnam business visa is categorized as DN, LV, or DT visa.
  • Typically, based on the stay period, you have three, six, and 12 months business visa.
  • It is not to be treated as a work visa
  • The business visa may be single-entry or multiple entry visa
  • One may apply for a business visa on arrival or at the Vietnamese Embassy in or near your city
  • While a sponsorship letter is not mandatory for visa on arrival, it is a must to apply via Embassy

Vietnam business visa on arrival

It can be applied on arrival and is granted only when you are working with a Vietnamese enterprise. However, this visa, cannot be treated as a work visa or employment visa. Depending on the entry type or purpose of visit, you can apply for 1, 3, or 6 months or even for one year stay period. You may choose the option of either single-entry or multiple-entry type visit.

Note: Although a sponsorship letter does not apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival for business, one must furnish a business visa approval letter.

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Vietnam visa for Indians

At Blinkvisa, we assist with both Vietnam single-entry tourist visa and multiple-entry tourist visa. But before dwelling into it, let’s understand how it works.

Typically, a ‘visa approval letter’ is the key to get your hassle-free Vietnam visa. Blinkvisa aids you with the visa approval letter. All you need to do is submit the following documents, and we deliver the visa approval letter.

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Vietnam visa online requirements

Vietnam visa requirements

Vietnam business visa via the Vietnamese Embassy

To apply for a Vietnam business visa via the Vietnam Embassy, it is critical to furnish the following sponsorship documents;

  • The original letter of authorization of the enterprise
  • A copy of the local authorities certified business registration certificate of the enterprise
  • Copy of the stamp registration certificate of the enterprise, which is certified by authorities
  • Local authorities certified copy of tax code registration certificate of the enterprise
  • Letter of introduction with three stamp samples and three signature samples of the director (a digital signature is unacceptable)
  • The business visa application form issued by the Embassy
  • The original working program of the applicants

What are the Vietnam business visa requirements?

Apart from the sponsorship documents and the business visa approval letter, the following are the vital requirements;

  1. Valid passport with a validity of at least six months
  2. Passport-sized photograph
  3. Visa fee in the form of a money order or certified cheque or cashier’s check payable to the Embassy of Vietnam

How to Apply for Vietnam business visa via Vietnam Embassy?

  • Visit your nearest Vietnam Embassy to submit the Vietnam business visa requirements
  • Submit the duly filled and signed visa application (attached with one passport photo) form along with the sponsorship documents
  • Pay the visa fee

Note: The visa processing time is five business days and may vary with Vietnamese holidays.

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Vietnam Visa Online

As stated earlier, Blinkvisa assists with Vietnam tourist visa for Indians. Both the single entry and multiple-entry tourist visas have a validity of 30 days and entitle you a stay of 30 days.

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Vietnam visa FAQs

1. What are the types of Vietnam tourist visa?

Vietnam single-entry tourist visa and Vietnam multiple-entry tourist visa are the popular types of Vietnam tourist visa for Indians.

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2. What is the Vietnam tourist visa fee?

Vietnam Visa Type Visa Fee Blinkvisa charges SGST + CGST Total Cost Avail Cashback
Single-entry tourist visa INR 749 INR 500 18% INR 1339 INR 1339
Multiple-entry tourist visa INR 1049 INR 500 18% INR 1639 INR 1639
3 months single-entry visa INR 1749 INR 500 18% INR 2339 INR 2339
3 months multiple-entry visa INR 1949 INR 500 18% INR 2539 INR 2539

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3. Is my Vietnam tourist visa fees refundable?

When you apply for your Vietnam tourist visa through Blinkvisa, you will receive a 100% cashback on your complete visa fees (service charges and GST included)

Thus, it is as good as a refund. However, it is credited in the form of Blinkcash that will unlock attractive discounts on your travel expenses like flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

Note: One cannot encash the Blinkcash.

4. What is my Vietnam visa processing time?

Generally, it takes up to three working days. The earlier you furnish the documents, the earlier we process it.

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5. Can I convert my tourist visa into my Vietnam business visa?

While you may use your Vietnam business visa as a tourist visa, you cannot use the latter as a business visa.