Where vacation is synonymous with exploring ancient ruins and stargazing on the beaches, Vietnam has been attracting millions of travellers every year. This indicates how hassle-free the visa processes have been when applying for a Vietnam visa online. Here is a handy guide that will help you understand about Vietnam visa.

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What is Vietnam Visa Online?

Every Indian traveller must avail a visa for travelling to Vietnam regardless of your purpose of visit. Vietnam eVisa is one among the visa types offered by the Vietnam Immigration Department to Indians entering the country. The e-Visa is valid for 30 days and is single entry only. Also, Vietnam’s e-Visa is available to nationals of 46 countries.

Why Vietnam visa online over Traditional visa?

  • Effective and Hassle-free: Online processings without any submission of the original passport. Documents and scanned copies can be submitted online without travelling all the way to the Embassy.
  • Faster: 72 hours of processing time. Blinkvisa gives you the visa in just three days
  • No hidden charge: The visa fee is straight and affordable. Moreover, you get it at 100% cashback
  • More accessible: You can apply for the visa anytime and anywhere.
  • Safe & Secure: No worries about loss of documents or time. You get the visa as soon as it’s approved.

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What are the types of eVisa?

Visa Category  Stay Period Validity  Purpose
Vietnam Tourist Visa 30 continuous days/ 85 continuous days 30 days/ 3 months Only for Tourism
Vietnam Business Visa 30 days 3 months For Business and Tourism

Vietnam Tourist Visa Online:

The most popular among the major types of eVisas are Vietnam tourist visa. This is can be a single entry or multiple entry visas. To get the visa stamped, you need to apply for a visa approval letter beforehand. The letter will contain the purpose of visit, duration and the names of members travelling with you. Only with an approval letter can you travel to Vietnam. You will get the eVisa stamped in the airport after you arrive.

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Anyone who applies for Vietnam Tourist visa with Blinkvisa is eligible for 100% cashback . Over INR 5.5 million cashback has been credited to our customer’s Blink wallet.

There are two types of tourist visas for Vietnam

Single Entry Tourist Visa:

The single-entry tourist visa online is of two types. The 30 days single-entry Vietnam tourist visa and the 3 months single-entry tourist visa. While the features remain the same, the major difference lies in the stay period, which is 30 days in the former.

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa:

Typically, the multiple-entry visa is of two types. The 30 days multiple-entry tourist visa enables a stay period of 30 days and the 3 months multiple-entry tourist visa is up to 85 days.

How Can You Get Vietnam eVisa?

Getting the visa requirements intact:

  • Getting the Vietnam visa approval letter
  • Scanned passport copy
  • Scanned photographs.

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Cashback on Vietnam visa cost

Vietnam Visa Type Visa Fee Blinkvisa charges SGST + CGST Total Cost Avail Cashback
Single-entry tourist visa INR 749 INR 500 18% INR 1339 INR 1339
Multiple-entry tourist visa INR 1049 INR 500 18% INR 1639 INR 1639
3 months single-entry visa INR 1749 INR 500 18% INR 2339 INR 2339
3 months multiple-entry visa INR 1949 INR 500 18% INR 2539 INR 2539

The Vietnam tourist visa fee is INR 1339. After an initial INR 500 as registration charges, you need to only pay the rest of the amount after you get the visa.

The visa fee break up for both single and multiple visas are below:


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Vietnam visa and how to apply

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How to avail cashback and discount?

Once your visa starts processing, you will get the visa fee as cashback on your BlinkWallet. You can use the cashback as Blinkcash to plan the further part of your trip.

Along with that, Blinkvisa also provides discounts worth 25% on flights, hotels and activities.

Vietnam Flight Deals

Vietnam Hotel Deals

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Vietnam visa online FAQs

1. Do Indians have Vietnam visa on arrival?

Indians do have a Vietnam visa on arrival. But they have to apply for an approval letter from India before their travel to get the Vietnam eVisa.

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2. What are the types of Vietnam visa for Indians?

There are single entry and multiple entries of two kinds for Indians. A single entry can be for one month and three months of validity. Similarly, for multiple entries can also be for one month and three months validity. Totally, Indians can apply for four types of Vietnam visas.

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3. What is the stamping fee for Vietnam multiple entry visa?

The stamping fee for multiple entries is 50$ in USD.

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4. Can I avail Vietnam travel visa for business purpose?

You can apply for a Vietnam travel visa only for tourism purpose and not to attend any business-related meetings or any work reasons.

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