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Dubai Tourist Visa

Is Dubai Tourist Visa an Online Visa ?

Yes. You can apply online with any qualified Agents such as or emirates.

Can I apply for online myself ?

No. Unlike Malaysia visa, you cannot apply for dubai visa on your own. You need to apply with a qualified travel agent who is affiliated with the UAE government. 

What is the processing time ?

It can take upto 4 working days to process. But there are express Dubai visas available which can be processed within 1 working day. 

How many days can I stay in Dubai ?

There are 3 different visas with different stay periods. Depending on your visa you can stay for 14, 30 & 90 days in Dubai respectively. 

What is the fee ?

The visa fee is INR 6690, INR 7480 & INR 16890 for Dubai 14 days, 30 days & 90 days visas respectively. For express visas  add INR 1500 for each visa types. 

How can I get my visa for free with ? will convert all your visa expense into travel expense. when you buy Dubai visa with us you will get 100% cashback which you can use to book your flight, hotel, activites and travel insurance at cost price. Pay just 500 to initiate your visa and pay balance after visa approval. 

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What is the validity ?

Once issued,visa can be used within the next 58 days from the date of issue. And you can stay for the number of days mentioned in your dubai visa copy before you exit

Is it single entry or Multiple entry ?

All visas are single entry and for single use only

Is Dubai open for tourism for Indians after COVID ?

Yes . You can visit Dubai now for tourism since September 2020. Please read our Dubai Covid update article below for upto date information about the same. You can apply for uae visa with us.

Is dubai tourist & visit visa the same ? 

Yes you can use the same visa as both tourist & visit visa. When you use it as visit visa, you will need to present the address and the details of the invitee at the airport. 

When should you apply for your uae tourist visa ?

We suggest anywhere between 10 to 15 days before your travel. The visa validity begins from the date of entry not the date of issuance. 

What are the travel Documents you need to get your dubai visa ?

We need just soft copy passport, photo and pan card copy to begin your visa process. 

Once In Dubai Can I extend my visa ?

Yes. Once you have the option to extend your tourist visa twice by paying the extension fee. This can be applied on the eChannels Portal or visit the consulate general by paying AED 600 for each extension twice. Fill the visa application form and wait for 5 hours at the consulate general.


Basic Information

All visas are Single entry visas for one time use only. If you want to either extend or visit for longer time, then you need to extend the existing  visa 4 days prior to the visa expiry. You can use the same document for abu dhabi visa.

As mentioned earlier, There are 3 main types of visa with the difference between them being the days of stay . You also have corresponding express visa with faster processing time with a maximum of 4 days approval. 

Click below to apply for Dubai visa application type that suits your requirements. Your visa will be valid for the next 58 days from the date of issue. 

Yes. Once you have the option to extend your tourist visa twice by paying the extension fee. This can be applied on the eChannels Portal by paying AED 600 as an extension fee. 


Dubai 30 Days Visa Dubai 30 Days Express Visa
Dubai 96 Hours Transit Visa Dubai 60 Days Visa

Blink visa

You just need to present the visa copy along with your passport and Travel insurance issued by the Dubai embassy at the time of Visa approval.

What is the fee  ?

Below is the summary of Dubai visa fee including processing cost.  

Visa Name Visa Fees Blinkvisa Fee (INR) Total Cost (INR) Cashback
Dubai 30 days  7099 500 + 18% GST 7689 7689
Dubai 30 days express visa 8099 500 + 18% GST 8689 8689
Dubai 96 hours transit visa 4499 500 + 18% GST 5089 5089
Dubai 60 days  11950 500 + 18% GST 12540 12540


At the Immigration : 

You may be also questioned on your intent of travel and your accommodation arrangements if any. You will also need to download the DXB app which will be used to track and keep you aware of COVID updates. You need to enter all your details in the app before you are allowed to enter Dubai. Wearing masks at all times in the airport is also mandatory.

What to do once you land in Dubai ?

At, Dubai International Ariport You need to download DXB covid-19 app and register all your details besides you need to have a copy for COVID approved health insurance covering your entire duration of stay in Dubai. The airline can also refuse you entry if you display any COVID-related symptoms.

Thermal screenings are done on all visitors in the Dubai Airport and can be subject to retest if the authorities are not satisfied with you.

Visa Information

Blink Visa

Processing Time

(Working days)

Upto 5 working Days

Blink Visa

Stay period

(Continuous days)

14 Days

Blink Visa


Up to 58 Days

Blink Visa

Type of Entry


Documents required for Dubai Tourist Visa

The new requirements for Dubai tourist visa is as follows:

  • Scanned color copy of first and last page of your original Passport. The validity of your passport should be at least 6 months from the date of travel and have a minimum of 3 blank pages.
  • Scanned color copy of your passport size photograph with white background
  • Pan Card Copy
  • Confirmed flight tickets if booked

COVID related Dubai visa additional documents

Along with the above common documents customers need to carry along the following documents are submitted for post covid travel to UAE. The douments are the same for all visa types. 

  • Health insurance for the duration of the visa validity. (Not just the duration of Stay) will be checked at Dubai International Airport.

How to apply for Dubai Tourist Visa

 The process to apply for visa is easy since it is online visa & it is fairly simple once you have all the documents and health related information in place. You just need to submit your documents scanned and uploaded in your login portal and your approved visa will be sent to you within 1 to 4 working days. There is no need to visit an embassy or get an appointment with the consulate. 

At Blinkvisa, we have a simple application process as follows;

  1. Visit Blinkvisa
  2. Fill in the simple online visa application form
  3. Pay INR 500 as the application initiation fees (Get the complete visa fee as Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet)
  4. Our visa assistant will call you within half an hour from the time of receipt of the online form
  5. We will scrutinise the documents shared by you and prepare the application
  6. Once the application is prepared the balance visa fees to be paid 
  7. Post the payment visa application will be submitted and the details will be shared
  8. Get instant cashback on your complete visa fee

Common Reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection

  • Incomplete Applications
  • Single Woman Traveller
  • Overstay on your last Dubai Visa
  • Handwritten Passports
  • Errors in the application
  •  No Previous Cancellation of a UAE Visa
  • Blurred Photograph or Passport copies
  • Profession in the passport
  • Previous Criminal Offence
  • Similar Identity in the family

So be careful when applyiing for your visa. 

Renewing or extending your visa

All types of visa can be extended for 30 days twice, upon applying for it and after successful approval by the relevant authority. This can be done without the need to leave the country.

Visitors and tourists can apply for the second renewal before the expiry of the first one against AED 600 each time of renewal. The document is the same for all visa types. 

Visa overstayers who do not renew, as above, will have to pay AED 100 fine for each day of their overstay, to be calculated from 10 days after the visa expiry.

However, the new rule for extension does not apply on the following categories:

  • visitors and tourists who are residents in GCC countries
  • residents accompanying GCC nationals
  • those on special entry permits
  • those on 96-hour permit for special missions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The visa needs to be applied 30 days in advance, in certain cases, it needs to be applied 2 months prior to the date of travel.

Yes, the visa fees are the same for both infants and adults.

Any Indian passport holder can apply for it. The same documentation applies for all visa types. 

The Dubai Visa requirements for Indians are:

  • Scanned colour copy of your passport
  • Scanned coloured photograph with white background
  • Scanned colour copy of your pan card
The visa application fees would not be refunded if the visa application is rejected.

No, the 14 Dubai 14 days tourist visa is a single-entry, non-extendable type. You have to leave the country by the 14th day of your arrival. If you want to come back, you have to apply for a fresh visa of the same duration or longer. 

No, Dubai visa and UAE visa are the one and same. In fact, there is no such thing as a Dubai visa. Technically it is a UAE visa. People say Dubai visa as per convenience if their tourist destination is Dubai. With a UAE visa you are permitted to visit any of the 7 emirates within the valid period. 

The validity period of your Dubai visa (UAE visa) starts from the day you have entered the country. For eg, if you have entered on the 1st of a month, the expiry date of your visa is on the 14th. You should leave the country by 14th. Any day in addition will be considered as an over stay. 

Yes, any Indian citizen with any type of visa issued by the US government is eligible for the visa on arrival with the 14 days validity. All you need to do is book the tickets, show the US visa at the immigration counter, get the visa on arrival. 

Indians need a visa to visit Dubai. A Dubai tourist visa is needed to travel to Dubai for business and holiday purposes. Based on the motive and duration of your visit, you should have to opt for a Dubai visa type. Indians can apply for Dubai visa online or can consult authorised visa agent if you are travelling to Dubai for tourism purposes. Once your visa application gets approved by the Consulate, you will get an email.

Depending on your travel plan, Dubai tourist visa can be issued for 30 days or 90 days for single or multiple entries. Dubai tourist visas are often extended for 30 days twice, without the necessity to leave the country.

There are 7 types of

United Arab Emirates ( UAE - Dubai ) Tourist Visa


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