A cover letter for a business visa is the only place where you may “convince” the visa consulate to issue your visa. What is the point of travel? What is the length of your stay? How is the trip funded?
These are the issues that the visa consulate need answers to before considering your case for visa issuance, and it is for these reasons that the quality and specifics in your cover letter are critical when applying for a visa.

How to get a cover letter?

If you want to get a cover letter for Schengen visa which is properly structured and used by over 50,000 customers, then you can make one using FlightGen App. All you need to do is answer questions related to your Schengen visa & your cover letter will be created for you in perfect format.

FlightGen creates a hybrid cover letter which includes both the personal cover letter as well as the travel itinerary which otherwise, would have been another separate document. In fact, this the exact format that we use for all our visa customers.

What Is the Purpose of a Cover Letter for a Business Visa?

In the context of a business visa, a cover letter is a self-attested document that contains a description of the purpose of trip, the itinerary you want to pursue, and the papers filed for a visa that make a case for the issuing of your visa approval. This paperwork is normally addressed to the consulate in charge of approving your visa.

A well-written business cover letter would include the following:

  • Addressing a visa application to a consulate
  • Travel dates and destination
  • The business motive for travel, such as a meeting, training, or short-term assignment, etc.
  • At least a couple days of trip schedule breakdown.
  • Who is footing the bill for the trip? Either the inviting firm, your company or you are intended to pay from your own money and would be refunded later Documents submitted for your visa.
  • If the consulate needs to contact you for any reason, please provide your contact information.

Sample Cover Letter For Business Visa

This is an example cover letter that you may use as a model for your own visa application.

  • Dates of Travel
  • The purpose of the trip, such as attending a conference, training, or negotiating a business deal.
  • Day-by-day schedule (only for key meetings) outlining your specific strategy after you arrive in the country. Ex: 20 December 2022: Arrive in Paris; 21 December 2022: Attend meeting with Delloit Group; 22 December 2022: Sign deal with ABibas Sports Goods Business.
  • Who is footing the bill? Is it the inviting firm or the invitee company, or are you in charge of the expenditures and will be compensated later?
  • If you are self-employed or employed? Again, the visa paperwork will alter depending on your employment position.

How Long Does It Take to write a Cover Letter?

It is worth noting that we did not say write or type, but rather construct. Indeed, using the FlightGen App, you can produce a cover letter in 5 minutes.

Just follow the directions in the video below to create a cover letter for a business visa in under 5 minutes.

Is a cover letter required when applying for a Business visa?

Yes. Even though the French visa regulations do not specify that a cover letter is necessary, you will be obliged to bring one with you to the visa facilitation office.

At the end of it your letter is generated, now review it and after successful payment of $4.99, you can download your letter.