Refund Policy

Blink Travel Innovations Pvt. Ltd herein after referred as Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Most of our airline tickets, hotels, travel activities, vacation packages and service fees are non-refundable after 24 hours of booking. All cancellations must be done over the phone & Email only.

We can accept refund requests only if the following conditions have been met:

  •  You have applied for a cancellation and refund with us and if the fare rules provide for cancellation and refunds;
  •  You are not a "no show" (most "no show" bookings are in-eligible for any waiver from suppliers for refund processing);
  •  We are able to secure waivers from suppliers to process this requested cancellation and refund.

We are unable to provide a specific timeline for how long it may take for this requested refund to be processed. All refund requests are processed in a sequential format. Once you have provided our customer service agent with your cancellation request, we will then send you an email notification that your request has been received. This notification does not automatically qualify you for a refund. This only provides you with an acknowledgement of your request and provides you with a tracking number. Upon receipt of your request we will work with the suppliers such as airlines, hotels, travel activities companies to generate a waiver based on airline/hotels/travel activity service provider and other supplier rules and notify you of the supplier decision. Our services fees associated with the original travel reservation or booking are not refundable.

Please note that we are dependent on the suppliers for receiving the requested refunds. Once the refund has been approved by the supplier it may take additional time for this to appear on your credit card /bank statement.

Generally, all suppliers will charge a penalty for refund. This entire process may take 20-50 days from receipt of your request to receiving credit on your statement. Apart from the airlines and other suppliers refund penalties, will charge a post-ticketing services fee, as applicable. All refund fees are charged on per-passenger, per-ticket basis. These fees will only be assessed if a refund has been authorised by the supplier or a waiver has been received and when the airline/supplier rules permit such refunds. If such refund is not processed by the supplier, we will refund you our post-ticketing service fees applicable to your agent assisted refund request, but not our booking fees for the original travel reservation or booking.

Airlines Schedule Changes/Flight Cancellations Airline Policy on Schedule Changes:

Airlines all have differing rules and policies regarding schedule changes.

What is a schedule change or cancellation;Why does this happen?

Due to the operational needs of each airline they often make changes to the flights that they are currently operating. Often these changes are a prediction of travel needs for a future date but can also reflect same day changes. Types of changes could be flight number changes, time changes, routing, date changes and or cancellations.

What are Cancellations?

When an airline has stopped or temporarily canceled service to certain cities or has stopped service on certain days of the week.

Reasons for Cancellations or Schedule Changes:

• Peak or high travel seasons • Low travel season

• Airport Terminal or Gate changes

• Fuel Prices

• Civil Unrest

• Acts of God - volcano, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

Bankruptcy does not assume any liability whatsoever for cancelled flights, flights that are missed, or flights not connecting due to any scheduled changes made by the airlines.

Our policy on schedule changes: We make every attempt to notify the customer of any schedule changes. It is always best to contact the airline to reconfirm your flights within 72 hours of departure.

Prior to Departure:

If an airline has a change to any of its flights and such changes are within a 4-hour period of your original flight times, we will notify you of such change by email. We will attempt to contact you; however, due to various reasons if we are unable to get in touch with you, our email will serve as final notice. For all such changes within a 4-hour period, tickets will remain non-refundable. Certain ticket types may be non-refundable even when the schedule change is over 4 hours. does not assume any liability whatsoever for cancelled flights, flights that are missed, or flights not connecting due to any scheduled changes made by the airlines.

Date of Departure:

If you have already arrived at the airport you will need to speak with an agent at the airline counter. During severe weather, options may be limited and although it is sunny where you are there may be bad weather at your destination or connection cities. You should always check the airlines website and weather channels for airport updates. It is always best to contact the airline if it is the date of departure.

Customers Obligations:

It is always important for the customer to reconfirm their flights with the airlines 24 to 72 hours prior to departure, especially if they are already traveling. Customers should periodically check emails for updates regarding flight schedules and respond in a timely manner.

What services do we provide?

Once you have contacted we will contact the airline on your behalf and try to come to a resolution. In some cases, the only resolution may result in cancellation of the flight and refund.

What happens if the customer does not fulfill their obligation?

• They may miss their flight • Lose the value of their reservation • Options may not be available

What happens if they cannot be re-protected?

We will make every attempt to get the airlines in question to re-protect the customer. It ultimately depends on the airline or airlines involved. If the airline is unable to re - protect the customer, we will request a refund.

What help can we provide them in case of flight cancellation?

• Contact the airline

• Find flight options

• Discuss refund options