Planning to go abroad to study and take your career further ? The first thing you will need is a student visa & among the first requirements would be a cover letter for student visa.

cover letter is the only point of contact between you and the visa officer and this is where you can convince them on why your visa needs to be approved. A strong cover letter therefore is very important, especially for a visa like student since there has been many cases where it has been used for working part time instead of studying.

This article shows you how to write a perfect letter in 5 minutes using Blinkdocs App.

Is A Cover Letter Required When Applying For A Student Visa?

Yes . However, this is good news because this is the sole location where you may talk with the visa consulate and argue for your visa clearance.

In reality, when you apply for a visa with, you must provide a cover letter with you.

Should you bring cover letter for visa : Source VFS

What Is a Cover Letter for Visa?

A cover letter is simply a document that addresses the consulate that is providing your student visa and explains the facts of your trip, such as travel dates, purpose of visit, papers submitted for your visa, and your contact information, in order to create a case for visa acceptance.

On addition, the letter must be signed in an a4 sheet pdf format.

What Should Be Included In A Student Cover Letter?
The following documents are necessary for a student visa:

  • Addressing the application consulate
  • Trip Start and End Dates
  • The reason for the trip (which university, what course)
  • proof of sustenance, such as bank statements
  • Your visa documents have been submitted.
  • If the consulate needs to contact you for any reason, please provide your contact information.
  • Student visas are among the easiest to get and have fewer requirements. You are not need to offer a day-by-day itinerary or sophisticated visa paperwork.

You must provide the following information in the visa requirements section:

  • Evidence of enrollment in the institution
  • Certificate of no objection from your current college

Sample Cover Letter For Student Visa

The format for a student cover letter is as mentioned in the below pdf:

You are free to use the above sample and make your own cover letter or use BlinkDocs App to create your letter in 5 minutes.

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