Land Belonging to a Private Person, Land Grabbing, Bogns Co-operative

An Act to amend the Andhra Pradesh Land Grabbing
(~’rol~ibit-inn)Act, 1982.
Rc it ,enacted by the Legislative Assembly
the State of Andhra Pradesh in the Thirty-
Eighth Year of the Republic of Indiaas follows:-

  1. (I) This Act may be called the Andhra Short tltle,
    Prodesl~Land Grabbing (~rohibitian) (Amendment) extent and
    kt, 1387.
    *Received the assent of the PresIdent on the 14th
    February, 1987. For Statement of Objects and Reasons, please
    see the Andhra Pradesh Gazette. Part IY-A Extraordinary,
    dated the 9th January, 1987 at pages 30 8 31.(2) It extends to the whole of the State. of
    Andhra Pradesh.
    (3) It shall be d:emed to have come into force
    on the 18th September, 1986.
  2. In tlie Ar~dhraPrzdesh Land Grabbing (~rdhi-
    AC~120r bition) Act, 1982 (hereinafter referrcd to as the princi-
  • Anlrndmcnt
    of reaion 1,
    pal Act), in sectiou 2, for sub-section (3), the follo~ving
    sub-sections shall be substituted, namely:-
    (3) -lt applies to all lands situated within the
    limits of urban agglomeration as defined in cIaase (n)
    Gnrral AC~of section 2 of the Urban Land (Ceiling and Regula-
    33 *f1976. tion) Act, 1976 and a municipality.
    (3-A) It applies also to any other lands situated
    in such other awas as the Govern~rentmay, having
    due regard to the urbanisable nature of the lanl, by
    no’ification, apply.
    Am:o(rncnt olscctloo2. 3. In section 2 of the principzl Act,-
    (i) clause (a) shall be omitted;
    (ii) after clause (c), the following clause shall
    be insert&, namely :- ,
    “(cc) ‘land belonging to a private person’
    weans any lend belonging to,-
    (ij an evacuee;
    (ii) a military personnel; or
    (iii) any other private individual;
    The value or the extent of \i.lhich or the nature
    ofthe evil involved shall be of substantial &ture or
    in the interest of justice required:”;
    (iii) for clause (i), the following clauses shall
    be substituted, nameIy :-“(i) ‘Sc.lil-,i LI lc’ Ineilns ri Schcdutc nppendcd
    I, to 1i1;sAct;
    (i-nl ‘Spc;. iil l Court’ means a Special Court
    constitu tcd u~tdzl-sect ion 7;
    (i-b) LSpcc.inlT,-jbunal’ means a court of
    the District Judge Ii;~vjyg.jurisdiction over the arez
    co~lccrncdand incIud~sCll~efJud~c,City Civil Court,

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