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An Act to anlend thc Andhra Pradesh Land Revenue
(Additional Wet Assessment Act), 1975.
Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the
State of Andhra Pradesh in the Thirty-seventh Year
of thc Republic of India as foIlow; :-
I. (1) This Act may be called the Andhra Pradesh short ~a
and cpm-
Land Revenue (Additional Wet Assessment) Amend-
ment Act, 1986.
(2) It shnU come into force on the first day of
‘ July, 1986.

  1. In the Andbra Pradesh Land Revenue (Addi- Arnnndment
    tiona1 Wet Assessment) Act, 1975 (hereinafter referred ACL of-ion2 of 3,
    to as the principal Act) in scction 3,after sub-sectiori (2), 1975.
    the following sub-sections shall be added, namely:-
    “(3) Jn respcct of every wet land in the State .
    held by, a pattadar and served by a Government,
    source of irrigation, there shall be levied and collected
    by the Government from the pattadar ior every fasli
    qear commencing on the first day ok July, 1986 and
    for each subseque~ltfasli year, an additional land
    reve~iueassessment at the rate of om hundred per
    Cent, of the total amount of Iand revenue and the
    additional land revenue assessment under sub-sec-
    tion(1) payable thereon for that fasli year.
    (4) The additional Iand revenue assessment
    referred to in sub-section (3) in respect of any wet
    land shall be in addition to.the land revenue payable
    by a pattadar in respect of that Iand and the addi-
    tional land revenue payable under slrb-section (I)”.
    ‘Rcccivcd fhc assent of thc Govcrnor on rllc 24th April, 1986. For
    Stalemen1 .of Objects and Rcasoes, Plcasc scc the Andlrro PruJee gazette,
    Part IV-A. Exfratlrdinary, dated the 26th h1an.11,1986, a1 page 3.
    87or.AmOndmont WFL~O~4. 3. hsection4oftheprincipal Act,insub-section(l),
    for the expression “first day of July, 1974”, thc
    expression “fist day of JuIy, 1974 or as the case lnay
    be, the kst day of July, 1986″ shall be.

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